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SessionsPosted by Xenia Tue, December 20, 2011 12:40:41

Denmark has gone cold! But together with the temperature drop the wind has picked up - at least a few days! We've had some good storms, and I have been out enjoying the conditions which Fyn has to offer! :) One day I was all the way down south on an island called Langeland. I was curious to go when I was picked up early in the morning by local Fyn windsurfer Nikolaj! A lot of the bridges in Denmark were already closed due to the storm, but luckily we managed to get to Langeland without any problems. A lot of surfers had found their way to this nice wave spot of Bagenkop. I think we were like 15 windsurfers - pretty well done for a cold december day I think. Everyone had picked out their smallest sails - the big guys with the 3.3-3.7. The wind was crazy! I was on my waveboard and a tight 3.6. Brr - I really got worked, but I had some super good waves as well!

The next storm arrived like 1-2 weeks after. I had decided to go freestyling this day - a pretty optimistic decision I think! My arms where sore after just a few runs, and when I crashed the wind carried my up from the water and swang me to the other side of the board - it wasn't easy to hold on! It was great to be out on the freestyle equipment again though! Even though the temperatures was a bit too low and the wind was making the experience even colder... A few shots from the day, thanks to Sofus for standing on the wind blown beach making video!:

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Danish Womens Freestyle Champ 2011, 5th at the mens a-class and 2nd in Womens waves! :) October Update

SessionsPosted by Xenia Fri, November 11, 2011 21:54:09

There is quite a while between each updates at the moment, I know, but here it goes anyway :)

October... Well, that was when it still wasn't too cold here. Though I remember changing to wetsuit in the climate of Northern Denmark wasn't really a pleasure anymore - and that was even in the middle of October. But anyway, we (all the danish competitive windsurfers) did it quite a lot this October as we had epic conditions for this years Danish Championships! The Danish Championships were going on from the .... till .... october (4 days event). From the first day of four we had super good conditions, and we were able to complete the wave championships for the mens A, B and Junior class as well as the Womens! Siick! :)

I was on my new, and suuuuper nice JP Twinser Quad and the 4.2 Fly. Perfect setup for me this day. I had some good heats with some good waves - I had at least one in each heat that I was happy with, and then some frontloops and normal jumps. I would like to spend some more times in the waves, and a day like we had it here in Klitmøller only made me want it more. It was so much fun! :) I managed to beat some of the girls that I find very talented, which I was really happy with. I haven't got to sail a lot in the waves this year, but those times I had were really nice. After the comp I went out untill dark. It was really nice conditions, waves weren't too big, but good for practising both jumps and riding (I think like 2,5meters).

The following days we were doing my favourite thing: Freestyle! :) We were having the competition at Krik Vig - somewhere south of Klitmøller. I like the spot. I've been sailing there quite a lot when I've been in Klitmøller, as it work pretty much in any direction. I was sailing with the Mens A-class. It is a bounch of pretty tough guys so I was quite curious how far I would get. It was cold, but the wind was actually good, and I was on my brand-new 4.5. Fell in love with that sail immediately - for me it is the perfect size! I managed to pass first round, but then I was knocked out by then danish champ: Kenneth Danielsen. I ended up fifth in total, and was quite pleased with that result. There is a ssuper high level in the mens fleet, so to be able to mix with them is for me already pretty good :)

After the Danish championships I was back to the books and the local waters :) I had a few good sessions afterwards, but I have to admit that it has turned quite cold here. Im still hoping to get some more sessions before the snow kicks in, but the wind has been pretty dead the last weeks, and except of continually decreasing temperature there doesn't seem to be much change in the forecast. I cross my fingers though, aaand so far we still have 5 degress in the day so I am optimistic :)

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September Update

SessionsPosted by Xenia Sun, October 02, 2011 14:20:34

Let's start this blog off with a warm and sunny picture :)

It's been way too long since my last blog-post, and more times I have been writing a new post, but all the time I've been interupted by something else. It's been busy (but good :) ) days since I got home from Fuerteventura.

I've been around in the whole country teaching a lot! I teach both normal windsurfers, who wants to improve their skills, and instructors who wish to bring something new and inspiring to their windsurf students, and girls only clinics :) I've been visiting Kolding Windsurf Club, Aarhus Windsurf Club, Ishøj Windsurf Club, Nivå Windsurf Club, Sydhavns Windsurf Club, Helgoland Windsurfers, Furresøen windsurfing Club and latest Middelfart Windsurf Club where Skarbæk WindsurfKlub and Vejle Windsurf Club was represented as well. Super cool. It is super inspirering to see all the windsurfing clubs, and to meet all the enthusiastic people. I think, if all those clubs, all the ideas and all the energy was put toghether you would have the worlds best windsurfing club - I've really seen a lot of good projects out there. I've also been doing some television - TV2 (sport, see below) and DR1 (Aftenshowet - The Evening Show) together with my sister Julie - I will see if I can put up the link from the full television programme :) , and also in University TV is the main focus at the moment, so it is quite a packed program again. No surprises here :)

A few photos from some of the visits:

Also the Newspaper went by, and created an article, which can be read here :

Some have asked about my arm - thanks for caring :) It was already good again after like 1-2 weeks. I think thanks to the daily 2 litres of Milk I drank when I was younger! Hah :) (don't worry, I don't drink too much anymore... cut it down to 1 liter a daý now.)

WaterZ 2011 video: Cozy atmosphere!

In the middle of the month it was time for WaterZ - a huge watersports event in Denmark, which had its debut last year. The cool thing about this event, in my opinion, is that it is for all kinds of watersports, which means there will always be something going on for spectators and participants. Fx - there are free surf lessons, night wakeboard show with DJs, Movie premieres, Downwind race for windsurfers and kitesurfers, freestyle for kite and windsurfers, wakeboard competition, SUP races and Yoga and much more! There wasn't quite enough wind for the freestyle competition to take place, so instead we made a tow-in session. It was difficult, but fun to be a part of and try :) I would like to practise a bit more of that though, as it is much different than what I am used to. We had good fun though, and one who could really put up a show was showman Tonky from Bonaire. He showed reaally really awesome skills on the water, and it was great to have him there. Right after three full days of waters I jumped in the little Van, to continue the surf trip, because.......

September was also the month of the PWA Worldcup coming to Denmark! Unfortunately still only for the guys in waves. Too bad, as I know there would be a bounch of Danish girls entering the competition here. Hopefully the girls will be welcome soon :) I was there the whole week though, to be a volounteer worker there. Together with a crew of 4 other people I was handeling the press of the event, and also introducing the full new concept to the windsurfing world: Live Scoresheets. It was a very busy, some days from 7 till 23, but some really good daýs with some new experiences. I also had a morning of windsurf there - soo nice to be in the waves again. I had some good swims, :), but it was a lot of fun with some great company out there at Middels, Hanstholm.

It was a bit windy in Klitmøller these days..... And one of the days I actually didn't mind that I was busy on the beach and not on the water. :-) Photo by PWA!

The waves were also quite gnarly on this day! Photo: John Carter /PWA

After work I enjoyed hanging out with the rest of the Press Team at the Coldhawaii party. Here Kirstine.

And here the full press team smiling :) Photos by Markus Adrian

If you haven't seen it yet, you should check out the new JP Pictures and videos! A special JP-Girls video has been created together with a JP Girls site on facebook :) Check it out if you want!

Also check out all the other JP movies and pictures online on

Also Check out the newly updated NeilPryde site:

Next up is a beautiful forecast for the coming week, hopefully with some nice days on the water. :) Soon is also DM, which I am looking forward to :)

This is one happy week! :)

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Windsurf in Denmark and off to Fuerte

SessionsPosted by Xenia Fri, July 15, 2011 22:02:30

:) It has been amazingly nice to be back in Denmark for a bit. I've been here about two weeks, and have had some good sessions on the water and have seen some friends and family - really nice. I've also got my new sails, and been able to test em. I like them a lot!!

Today, the day before I leave for Fuerte, I went back to my parents place, and went surfing with my small cousins, their parents and my own parents. Reeeally cozy. My small cousins just picked up windsurfing together with their parents, and it was nice to see them having fun out there and be able to give everyone some tips. The winds were quiert, and the beach were a typical east coast beach. Super cozy. I was mostly walking around in the water today, giving tips and instructing a bit. It is so fun to see how kids and grown ups learn so different.. I had just been explaining some movements for some of the grownups in a more technical-explaining-grown-up way, and went back to the kids who I had left a bit for themselves to play around (was checking on them of course ;) ) "is it going well?" "yea!!! We are playing!! It is fun!" Perfect. I think that is how kids (and everyone who let themselves) learn the best.... Just playing and having fun. They explained me the game, which was even better - one had to drag the other one to the deep and the other one had to see if he/she could sail away and into the shore.. Pretty much just to surf acutally... But they'd come up with the game themselves and where having a lot of fun. And they both managed to surf to the shore.

Happy salty surfers in the back of the car :)

Tomorrow I leave for Fuerteventura. I'm looking forward to it. A lot actually. It should be so extremely windy there, and I have my small sails ready... But I guess they can never be small enough for there :) I am curious how it is to sail there. I think they are really tough conditions, and everything regarding rankings can happen there. uhj, is gonna be good to get there! Now I better get started with the packing... Didn't touch anything yet, and I leave 6 in the morning... But as long as my surfgear is there :-)

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< 3 Blæsevejr

SessionsPosted by Xenia Tue, May 24, 2011 21:52:58

….For those of you international readers it is time to learn a new word (keeps the brain young too! :-O) Blæsevejr [blaze-ey-wear] …or something like that. It means windy weather and it was just what we had served in Denmark today! Delicious! :)

Mauii - photos by Lars Petersen

I know it’s been too long since I updated with blogs, but I’m gonna jump right on it and then update backwards when I have got the time. Right now I just gotta tell about this session of today!

It’s been windy for some days here, and I have had a lot of good sessions. But this day the wind was predicted to hit the whole country and since yesterday you could hear the surfers preparing for the day. A lot of the surfers here went to the westcoast to catch some waves, and even stronger winds, but being in Uni I decided to stay around here, and cross my fingers for the local spot to go off too. And I was lucky! After Uni I went straight to the beach. It looked even better than expected, so nice! I rigged up my 4.0 – dead flat, matching the dead flat water. Perfect. I was alone for the first hour, which except of missing company also meant loads of space and that I could sing out just as loud as I wanted. ….I used that. ;-)

It was such a great time on the water! I think it was raining sometimes, but you didn’t really notice or care about that out there. It was just so super windy, and I was full of energy from sitting still in the uni most of the morning, and I had been warming up on Continentseven a little bit as well in school I have to admit :) It is weird, but I always feel like going a bit more crazy when I surf alone. A bit stupid ya, because that is when it is really dangerous to be hurt, but yea.. Nothing happened except of some small things, and everything except of the fin and one rope survived.. and it felt great to push myself hard again.

Thought this one fitted the crashing-text :-)

Now… It is time to give the books a bit of attention here. More up soon hopefully. I still wanna show you guys some more maui photos, and tell about the things that has taken up my time since I got back. But I will be back on that later.

And…. Special thanks to Stephanie for sponsoring a tank of diesel for me this month! So super super sweet. :-) It already gave me loads of great sessions on the water! Thanks sweet girl! Looking forward to be on the water with you again, soon!

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Surf Photos on Stehsegelrevue!

SessionsPosted by Xenia Sat, November 27, 2010 11:26:06

Check out the windsurf photoes from just before the snow arrived here on stehsegelrevue.

And check out Danish websites Riders and Xboard as well:



Thanks a lot to Photographer Kasper Sveistrup Andersen, and to Kristian for setting it up.

Practise practise shaka waka :)

...and this was a nice, flowing eslider.

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SessionsPosted by Xenia Mon, November 22, 2010 23:58:23

It's been like 4 days or so, since I was on the water.. normally it takes 3, and I feel it on my mood... ;) But this time the forecast doesn't look very friendly... actually it looks like it's time to head to warmer places for training, soon:

yaa... not very nice... maybe it isn't quite over, but it looks pretty nasty cold... Brrr....

But maybe there is still room for a few sessions, then a bit of snowboard and then (in a few weeks) going to somewhere warmer for training! Tomorrow I'm gonna book my ticket for training in December :) Yeeah! I can't wait! :)

Hope you guys are somewhere where it's still possible to surf... if so, enjoy it! :)

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Cold is cool (...or at least all right :) ).

SessionsPosted by Xenia Wed, November 17, 2010 23:12:21

Yaaah! :) Nice surf! Makes me so happy!

Suuurfs up! Getting some cool wind in my 4.4. Thanks to Kemal for this foto!

It's getting colder and colder (funny ey? ;) ), and some mornings I find myself taking ice of the car already. The air is like 5 degrees on a normal day. Nevertheless the wind is up, and it is still not too cold to secure some nice sessions! Perfect!

Saturday especially, I had a very nice session. I was in a new spot with a photographer and a friend, and we made some pretty nice shot for this time a year I think. I will put a link to some pics as soooon as possible. So stay tuned :) The spot had a lot of different conditions in a small place, and I could get to spin both switch and slide tricks on one side, and loop and jumpings at the other side of the habour. Then it was possible to gain a lot of speed and go behind a kind of pier where the water was flaaaaat and calm. Nice ! Maybe it's difficult to imagine, but the pics will probably tell later on :)

This week I'm doing a project with university, creating local journalism somewhere around this island where I now live... So we live in small weird towns in "editorials"/groups, and does the work from here. But luckily this doesn't mean no surf means checking out new spots! Yea! :D Actually I brought all my windsurf gear, my skateboard, basketball, mountainbike and a lot of other fun stuff for those days of journalism... and oh, yea, a notepad and a pen off course ;) The van was full... :)

And this evening came a bit of wind, just before dark... "hey! Now you can surf" one of the guys said. There really wasn't a lot of wind, but after hearing those words I could forget about keeping on working. My mind was set: SURF! And the smile was wide, and I went rigging up and jumped in the cooold dark waters to search for the wind. Fantastic :) Though there wasn't a lot of wind, it was super fun to be out in a new place, and with the others around me. Very nice!

Evening surrrf - Thanks to Emma for taking a few photos in the dark :)

...The coming days looks windy as well, and I really wanna get out there a lot, as the days of surfing gets fewer because of the cold and dark.

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A moment of happiness!! :)

SessionsPosted by Xenia Mon, November 08, 2010 18:18:29

Nice sessions!!

If you haven't got your daily doze: go... go go go!... just... throw whatever is in your hands, save it all for later and forget about things for a moment... and go windsurf :) !

I think it is hard to do the above thing sometimes, especially when you wanna do everything else (friends, family, uni etc.) good. Last weeks have been busy... I know it ain't really news buuut, even busier than normal then! :) And with the days getting shorter the possible time on the water gets smaller. This mean you really gotta be aware of when it is windy, AND daylight, at the same time. And then you just gotta run off when the wind is shaking the trees. And today I did so...

...and it was great :)

Though it is getting freakin cold, the wind and sun still overrules it! I was in a spot, which has become my favourite, - flat and works in most directions.. The danish, bit dirtier, Bonaire :) I was wondering what those two hunters, who'd parked their car next to the spot, was thinking when a blonde girl was coming out the big van, all covered up in neoprene, grabbing the Loco 4.8 and going in the freezing water! :D Probably that I was crazy ! :D But I was nicely powered up on the water, and started out with a perfectly pulled off Eslider. Surprisingly, because I was all in boots, hood etc. and it's been 4 days since I was out last time. But it felt great, and secured the frozen smile of the day :) Rest of the session kept on flowing, though it was crazy cold. We have had ice in the night, and the whole day it has been 4 degrees celcius... and then add the sweet chill factor :)

It is getting so cold now, that you really have to consider where, with who and how you surf... If things go wrong, you typical have 2 hours to go in a wetsuit... :/ Pretty crazy. I lasted only 1 hour today, and then my hands and feet were matching my blue van! But it was worth it! It really gave me a kick to be out and go crazy freestyling, and Im still high from it :) (and cold!!).

From - Death because of coldness. It's really not to scare anyone, just to remind that we gotta respect the ocean, and especially now it gets cold. Thick suit, hats and gloves are necessary guys and girls!

The other day my friend called me when I was studying - "Girl, did you look out of your window? Wind is blowing!" He was right! And I went off to the spot immidiately. I was on a fully powered 4.4 on the perfectly flat water. This day the sun was out, niiice, though it was cold, so I had one of those pretty, round sun circles in my face from the hood, when I came out of the water :D It is time to really enjoy the sessions here, before it gets tooo cold!

But really... take out time for those things you really like, that gives you new energy... Go surf! :)

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Freeze style

SessionsPosted by Xenia Wed, October 06, 2010 20:57:15

Brr... It's getting cold here. Waters are 12 degress celcius, and the air about the same. And with a light breeze adding a chill-factor you really feel the winter is on the way.

I'm waiting for a winter wetsuit, so actually I am still in my skinny 3/2 summer suit.. But.. if I get used to the cold now, I might be able to surf for longer. ....If I survive, hah :)

My old wind-indicator-tree... This means 4.4 at least. I'm still looking for a replacement of this tree here at my new home :)

But this periode have got something else than cold as well, something much nicer than cold too actually; WIND! And we've got a lot. In the weekend it was really windy, and I was able to be out on sunday for more than 4 hours. That was super super nice. I was joining a course for some instructing, so there were a lot of windsurfers around. Some of them were freestylers as well, and were game on rigging up with the sun and go for an early session. Super nice! Later on we went on the water again, and stayed out untill our bodies couldn't handle more :)

Read the article from the course written by Danish Sailing Union here [Danish]:

Going for a morning session...

While the sun is slowly showing up...

I just got home from another session right now. I guess we sucked up the last bit of wind for this round, at least it looks like the wind will take a break a couple of days for now. So there is gonna be a bit of time to catch up on what I nicely left for later... For example, when I was in Lanzarote I fell in a reef, and got some sea eargins in my feet and hands... Maarten and Arrianne helped with most of them, but two of them wouldn't get out. Auch.

I was ill the day after, and thought it might had been coursed by those little stickies, so with spannish assistance from Phil I went to see the doctor there. Some of them they could get out with some special yellow cream they said, really nasty actually, I just had to put it everyday. ...well... it did not really work. The spikes are still there. Now they are stuck and inside my hand for months, as I did not have time to go and get my hand open to remove them, but now it looks like I've finally got some time (e.g. it won't be windy for a few days). So maybe I go.

Lanzarote - me and Arrianne

Something else; Check out this produced tv-programme about windsurfing here in Denmark. Really cool! Among others, some friends from windsurf are in it: Kenneth, Robert and Lars: check it out on the following link. It is in Danish, but the pictures speaks all languages :)

DR1 (click programme, then "Min Sport" and check it out).

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