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PWA Worldcup Fuerteventura 2011

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Sun, July 31, 2011 12:55:24

It's about time to update from the last competition: PWA Worldcup in Fuerteventura. Currently I'm doing one-handed-blog-writing, which makes it a bit slow, and difficult, but I will come back to that later.

I went to Fuerte about 5 days prior to competition start. Arrianne picked me up in the airport, and straight hereafter we were on the water. Some flat, offshore spot a bit down of the usual centers in Fuerte. I was surprisingly on my 4.2 (surprisingly because Fuerte is normally associated with a tight 3.7 or a 3.3 for those that are lucky to have that). Arrianne borrowed a 4.7 and actually the wind was really light. We both had a good session though, and managed to pull off some tricks. It was fun to surf together again!

After those 5 days the parents of Arrianne arrived, so we both moved. I moved into the big hotel there, which is located right on the beach (Melia Gorriones). I must say, that I really really enjoyed that the usual sleeping spot on the sofa, in the board bag or a fold-out bed, was for once replaced with a nice hotelroom, a big bed, delicious food and walking distance to my gear. It just did not get any better. The first hours there I was really just enjoying and appreciating being there, and I just opened the door to the balcony, let in the fresh air and summer sounds while relaxing on my bed. Perfect warm up to the session that was to come a few hours later.

Finally the comp was to start. I sailed my worst heat ever there, and I knew when Arrianne said that she'd had an okay heat, that I was out. I was just angry with myself, that I sailed such a bad heat, - it is so frustrating, when you know, what you can really do. Luckily I got to show more in the double elimination...

"Day three: Lighter winds and super flat water saw the style master Tonky Frans and rising star Xenia Kessler storm through the double elimination."

I had a good comeback in the double elimination. I was super nervous, but so that I could handle it, and use it for something good. I had to meet Sveta first. She is new on tour, but I know she sails really well, so I knew I had to kick ass from the beginning. Luckily I managed, and passed onto the next round. I faught my way up to meet Arrianne again, who I also won from and I was now placed in 4th position. Really nice. I'd taken a big sail, because I'd rather be overpowered than underpowed, so my arms where super painfull already. I had one heat where I was on 4.9 and the other one was on 4.0, still planing. Those that I've been sailing with knows that I normally get going with a quite small sail, buuut I was just not up for any chances, as I knew this would be the chance, if I wanted to improve my result from my really bad day of sailing in the single. Luckily it worked, and by the end of the day I was in the semifinal against Yoli de Brendt who I'd beated in Aruba.


"The lighter winds and a flat sailing ground provided the perfect conditions for the women to unleash their most daring maneuvers. Mio Anayama (NeilPryde) launched into forward loops in both directions, and Xenia Kessler (JP / NeilPryde) spun around a set of super smooth spocks and a flaka to defeat their opponents Svetlana Martynova and Brit Danielle Lucas (Severne).

Kessler and Anayama moved on to face each other. Anayama fought hard landing her forward loops and a spock in the closing seconds; however she was unable to match the consistency of Kessler.

Arch rivals, Arrianne Aukes (RRD / Simmer / Dakine / AL360) and Kessler then took to the water for their seventh showdown this season. With five wins to one Aukes was confident as she entered the heat, pulling a super-fast spock on the way out, however it was Kessler’s day and she flew through her tricks without fault ensuring the judges awarded her the most points, knocking Aukes down into fifth place."

The day after, the battle against Yoli was about to go down. I felt ready for it, and I was really really hoping, that the wind would pick up, so we could continue. Luckily it did, and Yoli and me went on the water. I sailed pretty well again, and the result was really tight. At one judge it was one point, that made the difference, and that was inspite of, that I had missed one move on the outside. I was super happy about the heat. Yoli won the heat this time, but it felt great that it was so close, and that I could really push her. This meant I got in 4th position at the PWA Worldcup Fuerteventura 2011. Im really happy about this result! I think Fuerte is a tough place, and to be able to perform well here, means a lot to me.

Girls girls girls :) ! Aaand super skilled PWA photographer John Carter in the middle!

This position places me in an overall 4th position on the PWA World ranking, and I am really really happy about this too! :) I did not dare to expect anything like this because of the school and a generally busy year, but I was hoping, and knew I wanted to fight for it! :)

On the last day my body was super tired. I just felt the whole week of competing (both a bit of stress and the physical action).. Buuut... I still wanted to go on the water. I went with my big sail again, because I had become so familiar and happy with it. It was a bit too big though, and in the middle of a photoshoot I span with much more power than I expected in a trick, and crashed into some iron photographer tower in the water. My board was really broke, and I'd hurt my arm, which has hit an iron pillar across, really hard. I went off the water and to the Red Cross people on the beach... My arm was swallown, red, and had a blue stripe where the iron pillar had hit. I was super scared that my arm was broken. It was really painfull, but also the thought of not being able to be on the water - or do any other sports - for some weeks was really really scary I thought. Arrianne went with me to the hospital, really sweet, and Remko got us a car and some tshirt to slip over the wet surf clothes. And luckily it did not seem to be broken. I still could not really use it, and they said I had to re-check as soon as I got home, but man it was such a relief to hear this.

The board....

and the arm... well, normally it really isnt that thick!!

a little bit worried.. Me and Arrianne was left alone in the room on the hospital for half an hour before we could get an answer

But luckily the little bones were fine :) Guess I had a lot of milk in my life to make the bones strong :)))

I'm now at home since three days. My body is still recovering, and I've been on the sofa with fever since I got back. Really unusual for me, but I am happy it only happened when I came back to Denmark :) I look super much forward till I can get back on the water. The weather is nice here, and there are loads of spots here in DK I have been missing to windsurf. Soo... A few more days of sleeping and recovering and I hope to be back out there :)

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Yeeeah!! 3rd at PWA Worldcup in Aruba!! :)

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Thu, June 23, 2011 16:06:34

Yess!!! I made it to the podium this time! Super happy about it ! :) I will write a good blog post soon ! :)

Ahh - about time to write a blog post from the latest world cup. I was super happy to do good in this event, sailing some good heats in the tricky waters and finish on the pwa podium for the first time in my life. I am super happy about that, and it is something I have been working on and wishing for. But I was not sure if I could make it already this year.

...what a birthday present :)

In Aruba we finished a double. I won from Arrianne already in the single, so I did not have to fight my way all the way up in the double anymore, really nice. In the double I met Mio, and advanced from her, then I had to meet Yoli. I'd wanted to meet her for long, and I was in to do my best. The conditions were tricky, super gusty and sometimes pretty light. I didn't get to do all my moves, but I landed quite some good moves. And I advanced!!! I was so happy! This meant I was now gonna meet Laure for the 3rd and 2nd place. I sailed a good heat again, and I at some points we were pretty close, but I saw Laure doing a switch kono while I was spinning an eslider, and Laure took the win and the second place. I was just super happy to finish on the podium, especially after a heavy start in Bonaire. It was nice to sail some good heat, and feel the improvement from the earlier heats.

At the closing ceremony I had my birthday. Really really cool. It really couldn't get much better. After having recieved the trophee suddenly Sarah and Arrianne came with a super lekker chocolate cake, and all the riders were gathered to sing a birthday song for me. Really sweet. And if I was not a bit red on my cheeks from the sun, I think I was now :o) I had a really good day there, with everyone being so nice. Thanks!

Afterwards I flew to Bonaire with all the gear, luggage and the price. I was so tired as I have rarely been. Two weeks of competing, followed up with closing ceremony and birthday really takes a lot of energy.

In Bonaire the wind has been blowing since we arrived! Actually I have been out on my new 4.2! It is crazy how quick it planes! Normally I thought I plane already really quick, but now I can be planing on my 4.2 while Arrianne is on the 5.1! Really crazy. So I have been on 4.2 TheFly every day here in Bonaire since I got back!

Tomorrow I head back home.. I am looking so much forward to that too. :) Can't wait to see you all, be riding my new sails and just be back home. :)

Thanks for all the support through the worldcup - both when it went good and bad. It means a lot to me! And thanks to

JP Australia, Roxy, Neilpryde, Sorobon Beach Resort, Reptile-masts, Chocofins and Skullcandy

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Fourth at the first single elimination at PWA Aruba

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Wed, June 22, 2011 14:37:02

Yaaa! Back again :) Finally I had a good day of competing again. Really nice. We had our first day of competition here in Aruba today, and I had to sail against Arrianne again. Not our favorite draw as we would rather be cheering for each others, but we are getting more used to it. The conditions on this little Island are tricky. It is off shore, and super gusty, but also the waters are weird for spinning moves. But I still like it here. I like it that it is a bit more rough and tricky, and there are still some super flat spots, as well as some chops a bit further out. I had an all right heat against Arrianne, I was landing a lot of moves though they weren’t all super stylish. I was super happy to win the heat and move onto next heat against world champion Sara-Quita. It was nice to sail against Sara, and I actually had a really good heat landing a funnell, Eslider and nearly a flaka Diablo on the outside. Pretty cool. It was so nice to be able to show a bit of my skills. In loosers final I had to meet Yoli De Brendt. This time I did not sail so well, I think I was a biiit tired, but I had a few okay moves. By then I had been in the water for like 2-3 hours (it was like 4 oclock), and I still only had had a youghurt since the morning. But I didn’t really feel it because my head was focused on the competition. Yoli took the win, which means I am currently ranked 4th. Everything can still happen really, but I am just super happy to have some good heats here in Aruba, to move into the top fourth, and show some of my tricks :) I hope I will keep sailing well the coming days! :)

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5th at the PWA Worldcup Bonaire 2011

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Sun, June 19, 2011 02:22:53

PWA Bonaire 2011 has come to an end. The last day we had really good wind – I was on a well (to overpowered) 4.8, and I think the conditions were pretty nice. The only thing that could have been a little bit better was that it was super shallow. So in my first heat, on my first trick I broke my board. I heard it straight away but I decided to finish the move and keep going. I passed the heat, and I just kept going as the heats were so super tight. I had to pass again Maxime and Mio to go fight for the 4 and 5th place. I sailed all right this morning, I felt a bit tired in the end of the heat with Mio because I was quite overpowered in that heat. But it was for my advantage because I could then do loops and have more power in my moves. I did a quite good clean loop and some sliding tricks. In the heat for the fourth place it was again super tight! I was again against Arrianne. I was tired, and nervous, and I did not sail well. But Arrianne did not have a good heat either, so it was suuuper close again. I won of one judge and Arrianne on two judges. At one of the judges she had about 1,25 points more, so yea.. super tight. Too bad I didn’t nail it, but I think we both did our best. I really have to work on this friendship-competing thing, but I just wanna focus on sailing at my best, which is hard enough in competition situations. In total I had an all right competition, I wanted a better result, but I had some super good heats sometimes, got to show some of my more technical tricks, sailed a lot of heats, and if I look back on this busy year, where I have moved, started University and a lot of big things has happened for me, I am happy I can now be pushing for the top in on the world tour. I know I can do better, and I will keep fighting for that. :) Thanks for all the support here on the blog, emails, facebook etc. It is so super nice, and it makes me really happy all the time when I see it. I am sorry for the fews that I disappointed – I hear from a few that I normal sail in another league, and I choose to take that as a compliment, as I know I sailed some pretty sick heats here sometimes :)

I’ve had a good time competing here in Bonaire. I really love sailing here. I’ve learned a lot from this contest I think, and I am looking forward to be on the water again though it has only been one day off.

We had such a cool closing ceremony, it was super nice to celebrate with everyone, and there was such a good atmosphere in Sorobon. Super nice!

NOW we are all on the way to Aruba! Actually we are stuck in the little pink airport of Bonaire… We have to wait here for 4 hours, as our Boardbags has to be transported in the plane before us. I just saw the big pile of equipment passing by the window here in the little pastechi-restaurent. 4 hours is long time in an airport that only has one restaurant and a souvenir shop, but it is quite cosy actually. We are all travelling together, all the competitors, and it seriously feels like a school trip. So cool :) I’m looking very much forward to go to Aruba. I think the spot is tricky, because it is off shore, and very gusty, but I always like to surf new places. I’ve been there once, for like 3 days. It is so much different than Bonaire, and it is like chocking to travel there from Bonaire. Suddenly there are big buildings, casinos, blinking lights, and thousands of people. But it is gonna be great I think. Tonight me, Laure and Arrianne is gonna stay together in a room I think… we just did not arrange anything yet, because the phones could not call Aruba, so we might end up on the beach but I hope we find somewhere to sleep. It is already evening atmosphere here. We’ve just nearly emptied the restaurant for food I think (yea, you know windsurfers eat quite a lot). The sun has gone down, Laure next to me is watching a movie, while Dieter is playing cards, then one is reading in a language that I do not understand, another one is watching pictures and I am tapping full power on my laptop. It’s been a while since we all had some time for ourselves I think, so maybe it is not a bad thing to be stuck here for a bit.

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PWA Bonaire day 3

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Wed, June 15, 2011 01:13:47

:( I feel so bad today. I had to sail against Arrianne again in the single elimination, and I really have a hard time to set myself up to kick her ass. It is tough to sail against a good friend, and I really felt that today. I had an okay first heat, but it unfortunately got cancelled, because the other could not plane. I was on a 5.2, and Arrianne had bought a 5.4 from a friend of ours. In the second heat I sailed really shit, and I was just feeling so sad when I went off the water. I was shaking in the heat, I dont know why. I knew for sure I did not win, so I just went away and sailed alone for a long time. I was angry with myself, because I know I can sail much better than what I did today, and I just wanna do that. I am still super super happy from all the emails, support and comments on the beach, from you guys and from the speakers and so on, where I hear they like my style and technicality. I just wish the judges would too ;) Maybe I can do it better tomorrow. I hope so. I just wanna sail good for myself and show how I really sail at my best.

If I can get in the mood from yesterday it would be good. I hear from a lot, that I should have won that heat yesterday, but in the end it all comes down to the decision of the judges, and I will get in the spot I deserve.

I still did not get any photos on the pwa website, so I cannot spize up my blog. But there are eventsummaries up - they put the wrong moves in it though - I did the clew first spock that they wrote arrianne did (she says did not do any), and the funnell was a nice clew first puneta from Arrianne ;) And unfortunately they did not mention my eslider and flaka diablo.

Ahh, I will for sure try to put up a better blog the coming days, but today I really had a bad day of competition, and I thought I maybe should not write a blog when I was so sad - but then again, days like this is part of the game, aaaaaand I will get back with a smile and some good tricks hopefully :) Big congratulations to my friend Arrianne, I hope you keep sailing good, and that I soon will too! :-)

Thanks a lot for the cheering. It means so much to me, and I get so happy that you are all so supporting and want me to feel good. It helps! Especially days like this :) Thanks guys and girls!

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PWA Bonaire day 2

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Mon, June 13, 2011 23:44:41

Just a quick blog post here from PWA Bonaire. I'm pretty tired from a day of a lot of windsurfing, but it has been a really good day on the water so I am also happy :)

Today I knew a tough day was waiting for me. If I would want a result I could be satisfied with I would have to work my way up from the buttum because I lost my heat in the single elimination yesterday. So I had prepared myself, and was hoping for the best.

I sailed some really good heats today, sailing pretty consistent and landing a lot of moves. For example a smooth clew first spock, cf spock 540, eslider and flaka diablo and more moves. I had a lot of nice comments for my heats on the beach and from the speakers, and it was super nice to finally sail well again. Ahh! :) I was pretty nervous today... But it felt good, and I could really set myself up to my heats. In the end I was all the way up fighting for the fourth place with Arrianne. Arrianne again had 5.1 and I my 4.8. I had had a lot of heats just before so I was a bit later than normal for my heat, and I didnt get to set my watch. I didnt wanted to stress because of that though, just wanted to do good and sail a good heat. We both sailed a really good heat - I was doing eslider, cf spock 540, flakas, grubby, spock and stuff like that, while Arrianne pulled of a clew first puneta, spocks, grubby, flaka and stuff like that. We really did not know who won, and neither did the people on the beach, but we were both quite happy because we sailed good, and the spectators were happy with the show :) Arrianne won, with two judges putting their money on her, and one on me. It was soo close. Very nice! I am happy for her, but I reeeeally would have liked to take that one as well of course :) I hope I can do better tomorrow.

I am super happy that I could sail good today, and I am super happy for all the comments, emails, facebook things and so on - thanks a lot guys and girls, it means a lot to me! :)

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First day of PWA Bonaire

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Mon, June 13, 2011 02:12:38

First day of PWA Bonaire is over. It didn't went so well for me, and I lost my first heat in the single elimination. I had to meet my training buddy Arrianne in the first heat, actually pretty funny! :) We both knew it could be either one that won, because we've sailed so much toghether and we sail quite equal. Nevertheless Arrianne took the heat, and won her first ever PWA heat. I'm really happy for her, I remember how it feels - reeeally good :) For me it was of course pretty shit, I know I can sail much better, and I hope I can prove that tomorrow. It is nice to have started the competition now, and the conditions, I really like them. Today in my heat the wind dropped a bit. I was on 4.8, and Arrianne was og 5.1. I was a bit underpowered, and I think Arrianne was too sometimes. I did a grubby, 2 flakas, vulcan (jaa, really stupid I know... I was crashing my spockss... and clew first spocks which are normally pretty stable) and then I did a flaka into gecko, while Arrianne did a spock, a flaka and then a clew first puneta. It was actually nice to surf against each other. We have been talking a lot about that it would probably happen, but we both did not really expect it for the first heat I think :) But we gave each other a hug and screamed good luck to each other before we both went to try to do our best.

But I reeeeally like it here. I like to compete a place that I know so well, and where I know a lot of people. It is really sick, and I hope the competition will come back every year.

Tomorrow I have to fight hard if I want to move up the rankings. Tomorrow we have the double elimination, and I still do not know who I will meet in my first heat. I am looking forward to it, I really wanna sail a lot and do good! :) Cross your fingers please, and I will do my best :)

Greetings from Bonaire!

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No silence before the "storm"....

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Sat, June 11, 2011 23:55:29

Boanire is going off! It has been so windy today, really crazy. I had a really good session in the morning, but the wind is still pumping now 6 pm. And the forecast only looks promising. The competition is about to start tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it to finally start. I am not in reeeally writing moods, so I will throw you some pics from the day instead :) They aren't anything special, just from the phone, but then you can get an idea of the day here :)

The eventside is getting ready! We still did not get to put our stuff in the tent, but it is getting there . ...Bonaire style, nice and easy ;-)

Preparing my sails... :) The one laying here is my 4.8, but I might need a smaller one already - it is really windy.

Arrianne and me going to check out the event place

And some wiiind :) Nice!!

Chicos gear has not arrived with the plane to Bonaire yet, so it was a bit of a mission to get together a set of gear for him. Luckily everyone are friendly to try help.

Tonight is dedicated to early sleep, maybe some fishing with the brazilians, think about tomorrow, and prepare ourselves as good as we can :)

Remember you can follow it all on

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PWA Bonaire 2011

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Fri, June 10, 2011 17:44:15

I really like this title: PWA in Bonaire.... So sick! And so super super nice that this event is happening.

It has been busy days. In Denmark I had some really good sessions, and I also had a lot of examns. The day after I was leaving, I had to hand in an examn... SOooo.... I had to do that one at really high speed, pack my bags early in the morning and jump on the plane to Bonaire. Only when this examn was done I started thinking of what I was about to approach. First wolrd cup of the year... Pheeww.... I got nervous and excited. I did not sleep before 4, and my alarm was awake already at 7... and then started another busy day, which ended with me sleeping really hard in a plane crossing the atlantic.

In Amsterdam I was walking and humming when I suddenly heard "XeniA!".. Remko who I have been training with in Bonaire a lot of winters was swallowing a burger at a restaurent above my head. Nice! So I had good company the hours I was waiting in Amsterdam, really cool. Later we met Julian as well!

I arrived to Bonaire yesterday early in the morning - like 4 o'clock. The trip went really good! I almost had not slept the day before, so I slept really good in the plane, almost wishing the flight would be longer as I was pretty tired. Taty was there in the pink airport to pick me up, super nice! Thanks a lot. Actually he was there to pick me up two days in a row I heard, because I'd told Arrianne that I would arrive wednesday the 9th... which does not exist... oeps. But both me and my boardbags got a ride to Sorobon Beach Resort, where Arrianne had left the door open for me. At least I thought so, so I was almost breaking in, before a really scared whitehaired girl came to the door thinking that someone was breaking in! It was super nice to be back and to see Arrianne again, and I was suddenly really full of energy in contrast to Arrianne, who had just been awaken 4 in the morning... So I reeeeally tried to sleep, but at 5-6 I had to give up and went for a run. Really nice after having been sitting so long in the plane. When the sun was up and the day had started I could really enjoy being back. Super nice to see everyone, and to be on the water here again. I think I didnt sail any spot in the world as much as this, so it really feels like home. I know where I like to do what moves and so on, super cool. I am not sure if I sail any better because of that, but at least it feels really good here! :) I was on a really lazy 5.2 this first day though, and could just get planning, so there wasn't so many others out there. They say it has been really quiert with the wind here lately, but I think I was really lucky, because I had an all right session.

I had gone out from Jibe city, but automaticly I just sailed to the beach in Sorobon Beach Resort, grabbed my equipment and walked out of the water, put my sail in the little tree in front of the office and walked in my little apartment... and only then I thought, oh, I actually left all my stuff and clothes at Jibecity. Hah :) Yea, nice to be back in my winterhome.

The PWA starts the day after tomorrow. I am a bit nervous sometimes. This year I have been studying in University and been windsurfing professionally as well. There is no reciept on how to do this, so I decided for myself to take this ýear as a kind of test if I do everything good enough. I believe, that if you do what you have in your hands right 100percent, you can handle a lot of things at the same time. It has been a bit stressy sometimes though, so I will see when I get the results from the examn and the worldcup if/what I should change to optimize my performance in both worlds. ANYWAY - I enjoy it to be back. It is nice to see everyone - all the other riders and all the staff here in Sorobon Beach Resort, and the friends I have here.

This morning I had a really good session on the water - 6 oclock in the morning. Super nice. The wind is really kicking in here in Bonaire. Perfect!

This blog got a bit messy, but if I have to sum it up in one line: It is nice to be back, and I am looking so much forward to the contests to begin! :)

Pictures and more organized blogs to come....... ;)

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Danish Championships 2010

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Thu, October 28, 2010 17:39:36

#4th Mens A-class Freestyle Championships 2010

#2nd Women Wave Championships 2010

Finally I've got some time to be nice to my blog, and update again. Actually I'd written a full personal report from the event, but the thing didn't upload, so... here comes the shorter version... (all pictures from

wind's kicking in early morning at the skippers meeting...

The championships in total was great! We had wind enough to push though every categorie in both waves and freestyle. The wind was amazingely strong some days, with the big guys being on 3.3, and even one day we had so much wind, that the competition could not be going on. Crazy!

I had a good experience in the waves, sailing 2 good heats (at least it felt so), and off course some bad ones too, but I was happy to finish 2nd in the waves! I really did not expect this, as I didn't spend so much time in the waves yet, but... maybe I will, I liked it :) I was on my new single thruster board - actually it had its debut just a few minutes before my heat. I'd been sick, as I mentioned in the blog, so I did not have the chance to go out and try it before the heat. But the morning of the first heat I had time.... the alarm woke me up when it was still dark outside, as the skippers was 7.30 in Hanstholm... Morningsessions aren't quite comfortable in this time of the year. It's getting cold (ice in the nights, and like 5-10 degrees celcius in the day), but nevertheless I left the warm duvet in favour for a windy windy windy hanstholm, and stood at the beach a few minutes past sunrise. Wauv... Hanstholm was going off, - the waves were like a nice to big size, and the wind wasn't playing games but just delivering a perfect 3.3 "breeze". This day we were all sailing porttack waves, but the second part of the competition happened to be starboard tack, so the winners really had to show that they were good in both kinds of conditions! Very exciting!

Goodmorning conditions in Hanstholm :)

For the freestyle part, which actually means the most to me, I didn't perform very well. I am not sure why - if I was tired from the wave competition which had happened in the morning, or the conditions, or if I was just not quite as focussed as normal. I'm not sure, but though the result was great, I wasn't satisfied with my performance. Actually I was so embaressed that I did not wanted to go back to the beach :) Stupid ya, but I guess everyone know that feeling, when they know how it should be done. "Luckily" the others had a hard time in the quite big onshore waves too, and I managed to get in 4th position. I'm super happy about that, and really didn't expect a such nice result here either! And... yea, maybe you cannot perform your very best every time... But next I wanna do it better! :)

Some of my contestants:




And these guys were the ones taking the top spots as well:

Congrats, and well done boys!

And in the womens waves Louise became 1st, me 2nd and Marie 3rd (and unfortunately she had to leave before this picture was taken):

Excuse me for my... choice of footwear... but I just came out of the water freestyling :) leuk!

Thanks for a very good competition and congrats to Kenneth both grabbing the waves and freestyle title, and to Louise being the womens wave champ!

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