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Next stop: Wind!!!

TravelPosted by Xenia Wed, January 18, 2012 11:45:01

After a heavy start of the new year with a lot of examns, I've now handed in the last one, and have finished another semester on the education.. Feels pretty good!!! :) Especially because what's up next - loads of windsurf! I leave for training in a few days, and I cannot wait to be back on the water! I'm heading to a new place, where I haven't been before which is pretty exciting too! Soo, just a few more days, and I hope to be able to throw up some warm and windy photos here on the blog! :) Stay tuned!

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TravelPosted by Xenia Mon, May 02, 2011 04:44:17

Yea Im sorry, but I am a little bit :) I guess it is okay sometimes, at least I let myself. I have had a good time here on Maui, with a lot of cool experiences, and I've got to know the JP team much better - really really cool! Been riding the gear of next year, making sick photos and video and really have had a lot of good experiences! Now Im packing my bags, and I am really looking forward to go home. I miss it a lot.

I think it is because I didn’t really got to prepare for this trip – I was home only in a few days after Bonaire, before I took off again. Crazy! Buuuut enough wining, I’m enjoying Maui a lot, and still is! I like it here, and I like how the people are open and friendly here. In the beginning it was a bit funny when strangers just started talking to you in the supermarked asking how the beach was today and stuff, or they want to discuss with you what kind of food they should grab and so on. Or giving you their lighter ("I have two, you can have one") when you wanna buy matches in the store. Coming from Europe you have to get kind of used to it (pretty scary actually? .. that you have to get used to that people are very open… gives some thoughts I think). But now I like it, and is more used to it. :)

….Buut you don’t have to get too open though… You know they have this “hey, how are you/how is it going/how is your day”…. And you really cannot answer “yea, well, Im okay… so so”… But I found out about that pretty quick :)

Now Im gonna fill up the gas (did I ever tell how somebody stole my gas one night so it was empty in the morning when I woke up? anyway... they did :) really crazy!), and then I have to deliver back the car. It might gonna be an full-evening project, because I am home alone and havent seen my room mates for some hours, so I am probably gonna walk back from the rental place :)

Check out the blogs - I have finally had some of the older blogposts uploaded.

ALOHA from Maui.

Coming home soon! :)

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Lahaina Surftrip

TravelPosted by Xenia Mon, May 02, 2011 04:19:41

“Today we go on a surfholiday!” I and my JP teammate Olya said to each other! We made sure that we didn’t had to be in the shoots this day, and then we met at 7 in the morning on the street in front of my house and cruised all the way to Lahaina! We’d brought two surfboards, a pair of empty stomachs (for a nice breakfast in the little village after surf) and a bit of pocket-money to go check out the shops afterwards! :) It was such a nice ride up there, and though we both had really small eyes (we’d been up early) I could see it was really beautiful. :) The waves were disappointing though, because our boards were pretty small so we would need a bit of power in the waves. We found a spot where the waves looked good though, and we put the leashes on and paddeled out. It’s been a while since I have surfed like this, normal surf. And I did not expect to catch a lot of waves or anything. But I did catch quite a lot, and Olya too, and it was a really good surf session. I got to feel all this “you steal my wave” stuff a little bit too.. it is really heavy with that here in Hawaii, and I think it is a shame… Come on guys, there will come another wave for you right behind this one. Anyway, luckily I didn’t grab a wave from anybody, but I saw some doing it, and I had a guy dropping in on me. I don’t mind, as long as they don’t hit me or break my board or something. But apart from that it was so great. It was a lot of fun to catch waves with Olya in the morning. It was a really shallow spot though, and we both hit the reef a few times. But nothing happened :)

all our stuff and surfboards in the back of Olyas car... time is like 9 in the morning, and we just had a great surf!

After that – Breakfast! Mhm! Loads of fruits and juices to get some energy for our little village walk afterwards. Super nice – I think we tried a looot of dresses and bikinis and stuff, but after hours of looking and trying and dreaming I got back with just one item and a few presents :)

a reeeally big tree that we saw.. the biggest of its type in US... and it has more trunks though it is still one tree.. pretty cool. But we weren't allowed to climb it..

So we just made photoes of it instead :)

Trying to find our way around on the south side

With this little map that some guy in a shop drew us.....

It was already late, and we had another shoot in the evening back in Camp One on the other coastline. So we jumped in the car and went all the way back and grabbed our windsurf stuff and drove to camp one. The photographers were setting up flashes in the water, and I think it looked pretty cool. We were sailing until dark dark! I was super tired when I finally was back in the little house again, and I fell asleep imidiately, though I could feel both surf, SUP and windsurfing in my body from the previous days. Nice!

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SICK sessionS! [Maui]

TravelPosted by Xenia Mon, May 02, 2011 04:00:49

Windsurf wise I had one of my best days on the water in a long time the other day! I drove down to Ho’okipa pretty early, still not quite convinced if I would go out in the waves there or not, but at least I wanted to drop by and take a look. It looked super good! A bit more windy than the day before, and the waves were like the same size. So I rigged up quickly – 4.2 and 69 litres (my own gear), and went down to the little launching spot. There is like a tiny little spot where it is sandy and you can launch, and then you have to time it with the waves before you can throw the equipment over a wave and get up quickly not to touch the reef. But it went really fine, and it was a lot of fun out there. The adrenaline was much less though, unfortunately – because actually it is nice to get that rush sometimes.. but it was already gone on this second hookipa session. But then it was time for some washes, and some waverides, and it was all great out there. It was pretty crowded too, and after our break Olya and I decided to go for another spot.

sunburned and smiley after first of three sessions this day! Next spot!!

I really wanted to freestyle, but it was so super windy still, and I only have a 4.2 here. So I went on the wave board, but with freestyling in my mind, so I was trying tricks tricks tricks over the waves. This was the session that made the day – it was so much fun! I was sailing in Spreckesville, and was practicing a trick over the wave (I tell you what it is when I land it :) ) and I really got the hang of the rotation, super super cool. It felt really cool! And since then I just wanted to practice this trick more! I had it two times to some waterstart stuff but I still cannot really claime it…. And I want to land it nicely too! :) After that, I thought it was late (I was gonna do a sunset shoot with the SUP boards, so I had to be back on the beach in a certain time), but it turned out that I still had like 30 minutes. I grabbed my freestyleboard and went training the switch stuff. It is still super super hard out here, but every time I can go freesailing it gets better. It was nice to be back on my freestyleboard. I know this board so well, and I really enjoyed being back on it.

The sun was going down, and it was getting time to go swap to the SUP board. I like this SUP stuff actually, I still think it looks reeeaally funny, haha, but it can be everything from cosy to workout to surf etc. I think it has some really cool things. This evening it was just cruising and making cool shots with the JP photographers, and it was a super way to end the day. I was back at like 10 in the evening, after a hole day on the different beaches around Paia… But what a great day! I can’t wait till I can go practice the freestyle in the waves again!

I haven’t had much time to go freesailing since then actually. Right now I have a break, but I was so hungry so I am now back in the house. Hopefully I can get out there later today :)

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Hookipa Baptism! Pheew!

TravelPosted by Xenia Tue, April 26, 2011 22:29:09

Finally it happened... I had actually thrown it out of my mind a little bit, thought that maybe I wouldn't do it this time - windsurf hookipa...

And I was at home, just felt like chilling for a bit, make a quiet day for myself, when a message from a friend popped in... "girl, if you wanna sail hookipa it is on now"... I though h*** yes! Im gonna do it! right now! Threw what I had in my hands and jumped in my little car with the wave board. They said it was small, but for me it was sure big enough. Brr.. I got nervous... I rigged my only sail here - the 4.2 and attached it to the 69 litres single thruster... Then my shaking legs sprang in the shorty (I wanted to protect myself from possibly getting washed on the rocks - prepare for the worst, right) :). I was pretty nervous actually. I dont have so much experience in waves, and especially not starboard tack conditions.. And this spot is so famous... for more than just big and nice waves - also for the rocks and for the shallow waters with the tough reef just like one meter under the breaking waves. Auch. So I took all the advice I could get on the beach. Shawna and Olya (the two other JP girls) were really sweet to help. Shawna made sure everyone knew, that this girl was gonna go sailing Ho'okipa for her first time.. hah... really embarassing :) - even the lifeguards knew. haha! But actually it made me feel pretty comfortable to know for ones that everyones eyes was on me, so if that I would be on the roacks at least someone would come get me. :)

But it didnt went like that.. Actually it went pretty good! :)

I got out there, passed the reefs and the breaking waves and even catched some waves and rode them! All the big guys were out there too - Kauli, Ricardo, Brawzhino and a lot more were in the lineup. I had a really good time out there! So much fun and so much adrenaline! My heart was pumping, and the adrenaline rush was big, from doing almost nothing :) When I went down the wave I could see the reef - that was the most scary part I think. And then the fear of stealing a wave from someone who could have used it better (I am still not super comfy about the wave rules.. should be enough waves for everyone no?). But it all went good! Super cool expereince :) My friend Lars even filmed my first time on Hookipa, the baptise, super nice! So if we can take out a shot I will put it on the blog. :)

Ahh but I am still stoked that I did it! I really was thinking of quitting that thought... but it was such a cool experience..! the car is alrady packed, and maybe I go out there again today :)

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More Maui - All you gotta do is smile! :)

TravelPosted by Xenia Mon, April 25, 2011 21:10:15

I've wanted to write a new blog post for a long time, because there are so many things to tell about! But every evening I am soo done when I get back to our little house on the mountain in Haiku.

Beach entrance from the JP house

The last couple of days we have been busy doing freestyle shoot (yeea! :) ), heli shooting the freeride equipment, SUP shots, portraits and lifestyle. Really cool! So most days I have been on the beach from 10 till sunset. We had one day of only freestyle shooting - first we were filming from land and water, then photos from beach and last photos from the water. I was all the time on 4.2 - I was pretty tired in the evening :)

The day after I went for another Helishoot. I really get a bit nervous under the heli, because you hear it so loud and you really know it is "now". But maybe it is normal... when you are in the middle of the big pacific ocean, on freeride gear and a big sail with 4 guys hanging out of the windows over your head with their cameras all looking at you.. and all you gotta do is smile and surf..! :) But again it was fun, and a cool experience! Afterwards we did some freeride shots from land with the videoguys, and then, afterwards: Freestyle! Ahh :) Super nice!

In the evening we packed all the SUP boards into a big van and drove to another spot to shoot some cozy paddeling. I was out there with Olya, Andy and Bryan. It was really cozy, in the sunset, and fun to be with the others just playing around.

We went supping on the spot behind those cars :)

and there was no shower on this beach so me and Olya went in the sprinklers in some garden :)

And then we have been doing some lifestyle shooting the last couple of days as well. The wind is pumping now, and yesterday after shoots I went on my wave board in the little ramps next to Specks... Was fun, and I was suuuuper powered up on the 4.2. When I felt I had been enough in the waves I went a bit down of sprecks, to practise some freestyle stuff on the waveboard. I tell you, that was really really fun! Maybe because the board is so small so I could really swing it around without too much effort, and that is something I will do more I think. The wave board is 69litres, and has three fins, so maybe if I make the middle one shorter it gets even better. At least it was a nice experience, and I got beaten up pretty hard too on the reef waves :)

Out of the water I have rented a car now. It is nice, because I can get around as I want... really nice! It is like a small, very old one, but it can drive and take me where I want. Really perfect! Normally that is one thing I really miss when I travel - to be able to go wherever you want and not be too dependend on things around you. It is my first rental car, and I think the rental man got to feel that... he was like "are you sure you are not a libre?? they have a hard time making decisions" "yea...pretty sure !" and then I kept reading the contract... I really wanted to read everything through, and choose the right insurances and stuff, so actually we sat there untill the sun went down, haha.... He said he never had any custumer sooo thoroughly..."are you really sure you are not a libre?":) But I got my car! Super nice!

Christian made this photo through his sunglasses - he says you always get happy from wearing those glasses.... soo... hope you feel the power there! :D

This morning I went running. It is the first time since I got here, because there have been so much every day. And not that yesterday was an exception, but I just really felt like running this morning. I still wake up at 6-7 so it is not too warm to run at all. I ran down the hill, crossed the road and found the dirt road to Jaws. It is a long way down there, and I am not sure I was on the right track all the way. I passed some pinapple fields, and the whole way was tall grass and trees surrounding me on the dirt road. Actually it was sometimes a bit scary to be there alone, because people had thrown trash and stuff, so in the end it wasnt very cosy and I turned around, and the big hill was waiting for me. It was a preeetty tough one, and my feet is already used to no shoes again, so in the end I took off my shoes and ran home like that. Super nice to be running a bit again! Now im back on the mountain having breakfast before the day is to begin! :) Perfect!

Sorry for the lack of windsurfphotos! Wish I could put some!!

Aloha from here !

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Sea-turtles and Freestyle shooting

TravelPosted by Xenia Fri, April 22, 2011 10:36:07

Normally I really like seaturtles, and it is such a cool view when you are surfing and they suddenly stick up their head and you realise that you are sharing the waters with so many other spieces! I think I saw like 17 sea turtles out there, just today when we were doing the freestyle shootings! It's crazy how many there are here, and they aren't afraid like their felllows in Bonaire. They just lay in the top of the water, chill and look at you. That is the scary part - they dont move, even if you come towards them at full speed, so you really have to be careful not to hit them. And they are huge! First day I thought it was something else for a bit, and Gert went back to the beach reaal quick at some point, buuut luckily it was just a enormous turtle we'd seen!

The wind still wasnt super good today, but we tried to get in some filming for the freestyling. There were loads of cameras - one filming in the sea, one on the beach, one photographing in the ocean and one on land! So we were just zig-zagging around to the different cameras trying to pull off tricks in the light conditions. I was again on the 4.2 and could just get it going. I sail better and better for every day, though I am still not at my best at all. But it is nice to feel that it is getting better. It is really hard to do switch tricks out here in the swelly choppy water, but I see the guys can do it sometimes, soooo I better just keep practising. :) We were shooting for like 2 hours, and together with my morning session I had a lot of good hours on the water today! Super nice!

There were much more I had to tell! But right now I just forgot what it was.... It is getting late here! :) Anyway, I keep you updated!

Tomorrow is the team shoot 7 o clock in the morning... I promised to do the wake up here in the house, so I better crawl under my blakents now.

Below are some shots from Bonaire - I finally had some time to get them on my computer! :) They are from training in the mangroven....

ducking for the funnell - the bonaire trick of this year! :) Arrianne and I was practising it over and over again!

and some kono practising in the flatwater

jaa.. well... practise practise :)

some eslidering

some other practise practise stuff - I like these ones a lot! But havent landed a lot yet...

And now - Back to Maui:

Goodnight! :)

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Girls Shoot Fun in Maui!

TravelPosted by Xenia Thu, April 21, 2011 09:22:36

Yeeea! This morning I started out sailing Kanaha Beach Park with Yegor, Olya, Gert and Youp! Such a cool spot! I really like it there. There wasn't much wind, but I could just get it going with the 4.2 (which is the only sail I have with me here - I would have chosen a 4.9 or 5.2 out there today), and out in the back there were waves breaking, so you could get a bit of speed from them to play with. Nice! I finally sailed a bit better, and it was great to be out there.

Kanaha Beach Park

Gert and Youp going to get their equipment

At three o'clock all the girls had to meet at the JP house. We were gonna do a girls shoot. Olya and I took a quick shower on the beach and found a mirror to make us up a bit! Super funny to stand like that with the two of us - normally we stand together rigging up or something, not in front of the mirror. But it was fun and it seemed like it was gonna be a really fun day!

Riding with the Russians :) With Yegor and Olya on spot search!

Wauv. :)

Cool to get to know the girls a bit better - team mates ! :)

Waiting for the sunset to get the real shots!

We met with JP girl Shawna at Lanes, where we also met the photographer Frankie. We rigged all the new gear and was playing around making loads of cool shots, while we were waiting for the sunset. I really really wanna show you guys some of those shots, because they got pretty good, but unfortunately I cant show those either! But they will come! :) Untill then there is a few low qualy shots from my own camera, but at least it can show the atmosphere a bit! :)

Chiiiillling :)

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First day of Photoshooting [JP Maui 2011]

TravelPosted by Xenia Wed, April 20, 2011 22:15:42

I wanted to write this blogpost since two days now, but every evening I got home I have just crashed on my little couch and slept 10-11 hours untill the next morning... :) But now it's finally time to tell about this great day! I cannot show any photoes, because all the equipment is for 2012 and not to show yet unfortunately. So put on your imagination-glasses, and I'll speak to you in colourfull pictures! :)

The first waves of the day, rolling to the beach in Maui - still in the low sun light. The beach is still quiet... Ahh beautiful!

The JP guys called me early in the morning if I could be at the JP shooting house in like 40 minutes to do my first helicoptor shoot on freeride gear! It works like that here on the shoot - they call us every morning if they need us and the wind is good. So I hurried up, and threw all my bikinies in the backpack. Normally my travel mates complain that I have toooooo many bikinies - but here I dont have enough, because it has to match all the different the equipment.:) Enough about bikinis, I just had to make that comment for those who teased me with my bikini selection. :) Gert and Youp were nice to bring me to the beach, where I got hooked up with the new All Ride and the new 5.5 Fusion sail. Pretty cool! I haven't been on big gear for a while, so actually I was a bit nervous about that. I had to do the shoot with Andy (Bubble) Chambers very far out in the sea. First he had a private shoot, then the two of us together, and then I had a private shoot under the helicopter.

Andy heading out on the new equipment, and me standing on the beach being a liiiiittle bit nervous to soon cross that small reef and place myself under the huge yellow helicopter!

The Video photographers in the shoot is two danish guys, so one of them, Christian, was getting me all stoked before I went on the water, because I was a bit nervous. Super nice! So I was really excited to get out!

It was so cool to be under the helicopter shooting. It came pretty close, and sometimes I was afraid that it would touch the sail. We were just cruising, having fun, and Andy was trying to come real close so it would look nice for the photos. But normally I am used to sail away when people come close to me in the water, and this was also my reaction when I saw Andys gear coming close to me! I didnt think about that he wanted to grab the nose of my board and so, so I just all the time tried to escape, and we were like s-ing into each other, untill the heli gave us a break to shoot Antoine for a bit, and Andy explained me what he was trying... ahhh... oeps :) Second round went so much better, and I was way more relaxed. I think it was nice to do the shoot with someone who'd done it before, because it seems a bit extreme having a big yellow helicopter a few meters over your mast top, and you just have to smile :) It was so much fun to be out there!

Me and Andy going full speed over the light blue water smiling to the helicopter just at the tip of my freeride sail, with the photograpers hanging out of the doors.

Afterwards we started the freestyle shoot. I had been so excited to get on the new board and sails. I was on the new fly 4.2 and an 88 liters freestyle board. I cant say much about it yet, but I like it so far. The wind was pretty light though, so we had to stop after just an hour of shooting. I didnt sail so well, so after the shoot I grabbed a bigger sail and went practising. Slowly it went better, and though I am still not satisfied with my performance here, I can feel it gets better everytime. Nice! :) Today I was sailing Kanaha Beach Park with Yegor, Olya, Youp and Gert, and I had a really good session with some moves coming on the 4.2. niiiice! :) More about this in next blogpost!

Trying to tricks close to that floating little orange helmet in the water (which was Christian filming) together with Ian and Bryan! On the super cool new equipment off course :)

First day of shooting included both Helishots, beachshots and water filming! Reeeally nice! Was a good experience, and I look forward to do more already :)

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First day on Maui!

TravelPosted by Xenia Tue, April 19, 2011 20:40:13

First day on Maui!

Wauv. So far, it is such a nice place. I really like how everything is so green, people are friendly and it is very relaxed as well. And the whole island seems to turn around everyones favourite playground - the ocean. Surf, in all different kinds, is the keyword for the place… well… that is more than fine with me :) I arrived yesterday morning to Kahului airport -and open airport where you were almost picking up your luggage from the belt outside in the open air. Danish windsurfer Lars picked me up - thanks a lot! - and brought me to Paia where I got a little bit of food. Had been 8 hours since I had my morning toast in San Francisco where I'd done a stopover, but you really dont feel it because the time changes and everything. I still have no track of time at all, and am super tired and all mixed up about the time. Hopefully it will dissapear soon! :)

Pick up by Lars!

In the evening on my arrival day Sebastian took me to the top of the mountain where I was supposed to live. It was a mission to find, as the mountain area is like a labyrinth. But we found it! :)

Sebastian in the little noisy car - and I fitted in somewhere in the car too

He showed me Hookipa on the way there too. It looked quiet this day, but very beautiful.

My first day in Maui wasn't disturbed by my continued jetlag though. Pretty early I went with the two guys I live with here (Gert and Youp from Jibecity, Bonaire) to the beach. We just walked down the little mountain where we live, and stood in the side of the road to catch a ride. We wanted to go to the airport to rent a car. Pretty quick we got a ride with a guy. He was a windsurfer himself so Youp and I could sit and have a chat with him in the front, while gert was in the back. He took us to Hookipa, where Surfrider foundation were having a clean-up-the-beach maui chapter. Pretty cool! Youp and I decided t join it. Super cool initiative I think, so we went cleaning up the beach with loads of other surfers the whole morning. I think this should be done on more surfbeaches all over the world, is good for lots of things - environment, surfers and the reputation of surfers...

Youp cleaning up around the beach area.

We stayed there for a while, and afterwards I was just laying on the wall of the beach trying to figure out the waves and current of this famous spot (Im gonna lay there a biiiiit more before I wanna jump out though :)).

Later on I thought I could just take a quick nap on the sofa where I sleep… I didn’t feel so well – maybe jetlag, maybe a small cold, I am not sure. But I only was laying for like 20minutes before I was awaken by the Danish guys – Wanna go paddle surfing?”Uhm, yea, goodmorning…is it windy?”. Sure I wanted to go, I hadn’t been in the ocean yet! So though I didn’t felt super good I went to Lars and Christians place, and borrowed a board from them. I was dead after a few paddlerounds because I didn’t feel good, so I ended up just laying out there, relaxing and enjoying I was in maui (so nice!) before I went in slowly. It was super nice to be out there though, and the beach was extremely beautiful. I really understand why this is such a famous place.

Thanks for the photos to Christian Gøbel

In the evening was the dinner of all the JP people. It was nice to meet everyone, and I felt how the shoot was about to begin. After that I was sooo done, and I looked over the table and saw Youp and Gert hanging as well! The jetlag wasn’t totally gone, so we all went home straight to bed, dreaming of going on the pretty water the day after tomorrow.


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