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EventsPosted by Xenia Tue, October 26, 2010 23:49:36

The blog has been down for some days, so I haven't been able to update from Klitmøller. Buut now it's back on track, and soon I will report from the Danish Championships, put a radio interview from the contest, an article in a magazine and more :)

Untill then, check out the last update from the Young Gun Classic online on the official JP-Australia website. Check here:

Young Gun Nicklas and me in Klitmøller, accompanied by Ricardos waveboard during the World Cup in Klitmøller.

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Young Gun Classic 2010

EventsPosted by Xenia Tue, October 19, 2010 23:33:22

I've been here at the Young Gun Classic for 3 days now. It's super cool, and there has been a lot of action on the water - all kinds of action! First day I went out paddeling and SUPping with some of the youngsters, on the reef here in Klitmøller. It was great fun. I borrowed a JP SUP board from Sebastian (thanks!), - a tiny one, so I had to catch the waves sitting on my knees and then stand-up as I catched a wave. It was greeeat fun. I like that SUP'ping thing, because you really don't need to be picky with the waves. You can ride tiny to big waves, and you can catch it a bit later than on a normal surfboard. Afterwards I went on a surfboard from Nasa. I was tired, so I only took a few runs, but it was fun to be back paddeling again.

The day after it was windy - yeeeea :) Actually I was hoping that I could try out the waveboard, but actually the wind wasn't as strong as predicted. The youngsters could get going with around 5 squaremeters, and I jumped on my 4.8 as well, and my freestyle sledge. Lekker! I had a good time inbetween the waves, though it was a bit up and down windwise.

I've had some days where I felt a bit "out of power" though. While I am normally pretty... energized ... ( :D ).. I have been out of energy the last days. Though sleeping 13 hours in the night, I still passed out 3 hours during the day. ...those who know me, knows it's noot quite normal for me... but now I am already feeling better... and luckily it fits pretty well with the forecast, which predicts good wind from tomorrow on... yeeea :) I hope I can be on the water!

Check out the updates from Young Gun Classic on the JP-Australia website, here:

Day one

Day 2 + 3

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Youngs and Champs coming up!

EventsPosted by Xenia Thu, October 14, 2010 12:48:22

Yeea – coming up week looks action packed with a lot of windsurfing! It is time for the yearly week of the Danish Championships and the week of the Young Gun Classic! Both events will take place in all the spots around Klitmøller – there are a lot of good places to choose from. It’s hard to predict anything about the weather yet, but up there north there should be a pretty good chance for some wind.

Younggunss I'm looking much forward to meet all the kids first of all. The number of participator in the Young Gun event should be breaking this year, so I am really looking forward to get to know all these windsurf addicts and get on the water with them! :)

Danish Championships In the Danish Championships I will be competing with the A-class men this year…that means the best boys in the league here in Denmark. I am looking very much forward to this. They are good, so it is hardcore competition, and that is what I like about it. I think it is super training…even to get beaten up ;)

Once again a pretty poster for the National Championships made by miss Julie! Super cool sis! :)

The season, competition wise, has been a bit poor on the national scene so far, due to lack of wind. So I really hope the wind are with us this time, so both wavers and stylers can be happy and complete a full double elimination in all categories (yea...well.. you are allowed to wish, aren't you? :) ).

This week there hasn’t been much wind, but last week I had a lot of good days on the water, - and I really like my new board. Normally I would say I would have to get used to a board, - especially so close to a competition - but this one fits me and my movements perfectly, sooo it's just to go out and play. :) Perfect! I've almost landed all my moves on it so far, so I feel pretty ready to use it in competition.

I’m gonna update a bit from the coldhawaii when I get there :) and hopefully I can soon bring on some freshly new actionshots.

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Worldcup in Denmark - the trip!

EventsPosted by Xenia Wed, September 22, 2010 09:26:44

Photo by: Julie/ WA/John Carter

After a crazy busy week at uni and on the water (we've had so much wind lately! niice!), i finished the week off with a trip to Klitmøller/coldhawaii to watch the first ever wave worldcup in Denmark, and to get a bite of the nice conditions together with all the riders there.

My friend Sara went with me. We've known eachother since we both started freestyling, and we've had some good sessions on the water together. About 2 years ago, when we were both learning the vulcan, Sara broke her foot during an airjibe/vulcan attempt, and she pretty much just got back on it a few months ago. Really crazy. It impressed me, when we were sitting there in the car talking, that she was already keen to go for it again. Like really into it! So nice! So I tried to pull up some good advice for her. The funniest one that came up, is a really girlish one, that Stephanie and I had, when Stephanie was learning the vulcan... Instead of bounching in the water before you take of, you have to concentrate all the power into that one pop that is going to let you spin all the way of 90degrees. And how to do that? well...Pick a song, and choose a word in the song on which you have to pop everytime. ...Stephanie choose "hit me baby one more time" by Britney Spears, hah! And she damn learned the vulcan in 3 months. ;) Oookay, that was a stupid one, but I am sure I saw Sara singing on the water the following days in Klitmøller. I bet she'll get it soon. Keep it up girl!

In Klitmøller nearly everyone was there. It was nice, and different to see the little fishermens town like this. A lot of the girls, my old surfbuddies from all around and people I did not see since a long time. Super nice. The competition took place at what we call "the reef", and the action was great. Between the rocks on the beach there was gathered a huge crowd of windsurfers and just people interested in what was going on. The wind was pumping, and the guys would be on 3.4 - 4.2 these days, and the 3.3 from Julie and me did not get time to rest these days, as we were hitting super-spot "Hanstholm" more than once to enjoy the waves.

Check out the worldcup condtions below:

Yeeeah... Denmark for sure can deliver world class conditions :)

Julie getting ready for some 3.3 action in the waves :)

First day in Hanstholm, I couldn't resist but taking out my freestyle board to the big waves. I like freestyling in the waves sometimes, only the shorebreak is nasty, but between the waves it is so flat and perfect for spin tricks. The guys were looking sceptic to me when I passed them with my 3.3 and 89 Freestyle to hit the water. It was super windy, and hard to hold on, but I had some all right runs. In the evening we were joining the pwa events, and more was commenting on my freestyleboard in the waves... That I should really go for the waveriding tomorrow with a waveboard.. Later on I was talking to Thomas (Julie's sailpusher) about the waveriding. He was explaining some keypoints... I was thinking that if I saw the learning to ride the wave, as I would see the learning of a freestyle trick, it would maybe be easier. So I kept the wave in my head for a bit, until the following day where we could go on the water.

I was supposed to go out really late, because I had some work for the university, but thanks to Peter Svensson I decided to go for a quik session in the waves before tying myself to the chair to finnish the school work. I guess it was not so hard to convince me to go windsurf. And man. Such a great session!! I went on a 69 board which I borrowed from Lars (thanks a lot!!), and on my 3.3 legend, which was absolutely fitting those conditions. It was so great! I had a few good waves, and what I learnt from thinking and the advice really worked. I never had such a good day in the waves. But I am sure there are more to come. ...though it still doesn't beat freestyle off course. But a mix is nice I think. Julie and her friends were impressed by the waveriding, and were nice telling me about it - "looks good.. when did you learn this?"... must have been just now :) The following day we went again to Hanstholm in the morning. Really nice. I catched some waves again, and had some big crashes too. I'm super stoked to have a nice expereince in the waves together with Julie, who was also doing really well and enjoying the nice conditions!

Above: worlds sweetest sister (Julie) going for the waves in Hanstholm.

I watched some action at the PWA beach before I went home late, sucking up the last breath of Klitmøller, before heading back to my new home. Klitmøller really went off this week, and the organizers should be proud of them self - they did a great job! I hope the event will be back next year.... Hopefully with the girls on the list as well.

Event poster 2010...

The trip back... went.... allright... My car really asks for attention sometimes. But I am sure I will make a good mechanic after a few years with this blue dude. I swichted the battery just before I went, but in Klitmøller the door flew off (yea, it sounds crazy, but it was too windy). We managed to fix it back on again though, hah. And also the little thing for the diesel fell off. I had no ducktape or tools, so it is now sticked to the car with some strong mauisails stickers I had in the car. ....but we are still rollin' so what does it matter ;)

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WorldCup DENMARK Siiiick!

EventsPosted by Xenia Wed, September 15, 2010 11:41:36

RIGHT now there is worldcup in my home country, Denmark. And right now you can watch it live HERE. Super sick! Check it out, and thumbs up to the Cold Hawaii Crew for this cool feature!

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Enjoying the Waterz in Hvide Sande

EventsPosted by Xenia Mon, September 13, 2010 20:54:09

I'm back from a great Waterz event in Hvide Sande. The event was really well organized, huge and with a lot of competitiors from different countries, different disciplines and levels. Super cool! I went there already friday together with my cousin Line, who was up for learning windsurfing. After a loong ride in the blue bus we reached the westcoast in the late eve. I went to sign in, before we both went to the preview of the new Windsurfing Movie II. I did not make it to the start, but what I saw was good stuff.

Something I got waaay too familiar with on the way to the westcoast....

Arriving in Hvide Sande; Line was practising the basics on land until sunset, when we finally arrived in Hvide Sande. Here she is with my former and first sail, which used to be sponsored by Ducktape :)

We realized too late that the campingspots closed before 10, so we ended up camping on the beach! :) Here Line is pumping up her bed in the middle of a parking lot, before we went to the beach to sleep.

Saturday was the day of the races for kiters and windsurfers. The wind was with us, and just short time before the races the wind picked up. I wasn't sure if I should go for it as well. I've never been in a race boefore. Actually I haven't sailed just straight for a really long time. It was a down wind race, where you had to cross the bay 3 times, jibing two marks. I'd never been that far away from the coast I thought, and the thought about being soo many people on the water just going full power was a bit scary I think. But soon two guys from my local surfclub had convinced me to join (thanks to Birger and Preben for the pep-talk!). I jumped in my lycra, and went out in the big race field with my tiny freestyle equipment. It wasn't quite racegear, but what-so-ever (as my friend Arrianne would have said it :-) ), I'd decided to join the game. I was on my 5.2 Loco, 89 JP freestyle aand a 16 Choco(lati) fin... My best race gear :)

The windsurfers:

And the kiters:

There were more than 200 people in the race, and I must say it was scary to be among so many windsurfers in a such small place, so as soon as the jetski passed by to simulate the start I was heading away as fast as I could. Actually I think I had a super good start, just because I was a bit scared, as I was passed by a lot of the other sailors later on (because I could not keep up with the race gear) :). But it was a lot of fun!! I was duckjibing the first bouy, falling later on, then jibing and then the 27 km was gone, and I'd reached the other side. I've never sailed straight for so long before. Really strange that you could not use the gust and go for something. And as soon as I passed the line I went to the coast with a spock... ahh! :-) But it was fun to try. Antoine Albeau won the race. I'm not sure which position I was in, but just the whole thing was a cool experience I think!

The day after was the day of the freestyleshow. Unfortunately the wind wasn't up anymore, but that should not stop the 6 freestylers of us. With Tonky in front we made a tow-in freestyle session behind the jetski. I've never tried this before, but it was a lot of fun, and really really hard. It was super tough for the arms as well, first to get on the board in zero wind, afterwards being pulled up by the jetski, get in the straps, go for a round and THEN go for the trick in front of the crowd. Phhew.. Super hard, and super fun. I was trying flakas, and funnel (which I haven't even landed in windy conditions yet), but because we were being pulled by the jetski in the small area you weren't able to do all kinds of tricks, so you had to pick like funnels or flakas or so.

Goedemorgen :) Sleeping in the blue van :)

Me being pulled up by the jetski..

Tonky giving a show! In DENmark! Super cool!

In total this event was great, because there were so many different disciplines and people representet. I hope there will be more of those events here in Denmark. Keep up the good work, and thanks to Hvide Sande and the Waterz crew!

Beautiful sunset on the way home...

Pictures by: Line Kruse, and Martin Stougaard.

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Waterz Hvide Sande

EventsPosted by Xenia Thu, September 09, 2010 21:46:34

Tomorrow I am heading to Hvide Sande, to take part in the hugest watersport event in Denmark so far: Waterz. There are gonna be competitions in windsurf (slalom), wakeboard, kitesurf, Stand Up Paddel, and a lot of different activities going on. I think it is super cool that this is happening in Denmark, and I am looking forward to join it! I will be doing the freestyle show along with Tonky and the top guys from the country. I hope I can do well :) There are going to be a lot of different athletes; Antoine Albeau and some top kiters are going to hit the waters at this event. It's gonna be super cool to have Tonky here as well, - nice to have a bit of Bonaire atmosphere in the cool waters here :) ! - Look out for his action! Left to say: cross your fingers for a windy weekend :) Check out the eventprogramme here: Caps off for the organizers!

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Young Gun Classic 2010

EventsPosted by Xenia Tue, August 31, 2010 10:46:43

This year, I am super happy to be invited to the annual JP Young Gun Classic in Klitmøller. I am going to be there during the whole week to instruct, help around, inspire and get to know all the up-and-coming youngsters who are participating! Super cool! I will also be telling about my trips and show photoes etc. I look very much forward to come!

Tjeck out the event here: (from

YOUNG GUN CLASSIC is an annual youth windsurfing camp running in October in the Danish North Sea spot Klitmøller - also known as The Cold Hawaii. It is not a contest, and it is not a camp where a number of instructors are making a fixed programme. It is a windsurfing holiday for Young Guns from around Europe. And it is open for all levels and ages up to 20 years. And for their parents too!

The camp is organized by JP-Australia and NeilPryde in Denmark with great help from Danish Young Guns and their parents.

New this year is a Girls Group!! Check it out chicks:

Girls Group:
More than 25 girls are expected to enter the 2010 YGC, and Xenia Kessler, who finished 5th in a world cup earlier this year, will make a special Girls Group. So far, the programme is not official, but one thing is for sure, - it will not be boring!

Read much more on the JP website.

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Roxy Surf in the City - Copenhagen

EventsPosted by Xenia Tue, August 17, 2010 12:10:54

In spite of a bit rainy and cloudy weathers 50 girls showed up on the quay in the center of Copenhagen to take part in this year's Roxy Surf in the City. Super Cool! We hosted this event for the first time last year, and it was a really nice and cozy day, so both Julie and I had looked much forward to yet another day in company with all the girls this year.

Julie and I started our day out reeeaally chilll...too chill actually... -we slept over 2 hours!! Only being awaken by one of guys who were helping with the event: "where are you two girls, I'm waiting with the car...thought I was late"... Sh*t... and thanks for the wake-up-call :) From then on things didn't went so chill anymore, and soon we were at the quay at the channels where the event was to be held. From 9 till 5 a lot of girls were joining - some had their first time on the SUP boards, while other brought their own to cruise around in the middle of Copenhagen. It was a lot of fun, and nice to see so many surf enthusiastic girls! Only the weather could have been a bit more sunny, but actually it wasn't too bad, and we were stoked about the huge amount of girls who defied the grey clouds! :) Thanks for a great day everyone!

Julie :)

and me :)

Check out's article from the event here.

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Roxy Surf in the City : Copenhagen!

EventsPosted by Xenia Sat, August 07, 2010 19:03:27

In the coming weekend Julie and I, are gonna have the event ”Roxy Surf in the City”. An event that is meant to involve more girls in surfing. It’s gonna be a really chill and cozy day, with a lot of girls on the channels of the capital city of Denmark: Copenhagen. Cool!! You don’t need to be able to stand-up-paddel or surf or anything already, you just need to come join and if you want, you can try out Standuppaddeling (SUP) with the other girls. Julie and I will instruct you, but with just a bit of advice you are already stand-up-surfing in the channels. It’s more fun, than it’s hard :) Ow, and it is for free, and everyone can join. Just pop by when you can :)

I like this event because it opens up for surfing for a lot of different girls, and we all get to meet each other and can share experiences from the water. Last year we had about 30 girls, - some had never tried it before, some were kiters or windsurfers missing the winds, wakeboarders etc.

Sooooo girls! Come join! :)

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