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First day of PWA Bonaire

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Mon, June 13, 2011 02:12:38

First day of PWA Bonaire is over. It didn't went so well for me, and I lost my first heat in the single elimination. I had to meet my training buddy Arrianne in the first heat, actually pretty funny! :) We both knew it could be either one that won, because we've sailed so much toghether and we sail quite equal. Nevertheless Arrianne took the heat, and won her first ever PWA heat. I'm really happy for her, I remember how it feels - reeeally good :) For me it was of course pretty shit, I know I can sail much better, and I hope I can prove that tomorrow. It is nice to have started the competition now, and the conditions, I really like them. Today in my heat the wind dropped a bit. I was on 4.8, and Arrianne was og 5.1. I was a bit underpowered, and I think Arrianne was too sometimes. I did a grubby, 2 flakas, vulcan (jaa, really stupid I know... I was crashing my spockss... and clew first spocks which are normally pretty stable) and then I did a flaka into gecko, while Arrianne did a spock, a flaka and then a clew first puneta. It was actually nice to surf against each other. We have been talking a lot about that it would probably happen, but we both did not really expect it for the first heat I think :) But we gave each other a hug and screamed good luck to each other before we both went to try to do our best.

But I reeeeally like it here. I like to compete a place that I know so well, and where I know a lot of people. It is really sick, and I hope the competition will come back every year.

Tomorrow I have to fight hard if I want to move up the rankings. Tomorrow we have the double elimination, and I still do not know who I will meet in my first heat. I am looking forward to it, I really wanna sail a lot and do good! :) Cross your fingers please, and I will do my best :)

Greetings from Bonaire!

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