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PWA Bonaire day 2

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Mon, June 13, 2011 23:44:41

Just a quick blog post here from PWA Bonaire. I'm pretty tired from a day of a lot of windsurfing, but it has been a really good day on the water so I am also happy :)

Today I knew a tough day was waiting for me. If I would want a result I could be satisfied with I would have to work my way up from the buttum because I lost my heat in the single elimination yesterday. So I had prepared myself, and was hoping for the best.

I sailed some really good heats today, sailing pretty consistent and landing a lot of moves. For example a smooth clew first spock, cf spock 540, eslider and flaka diablo and more moves. I had a lot of nice comments for my heats on the beach and from the speakers, and it was super nice to finally sail well again. Ahh! :) I was pretty nervous today... But it felt good, and I could really set myself up to my heats. In the end I was all the way up fighting for the fourth place with Arrianne. Arrianne again had 5.1 and I my 4.8. I had had a lot of heats just before so I was a bit later than normal for my heat, and I didnt get to set my watch. I didnt wanted to stress because of that though, just wanted to do good and sail a good heat. We both sailed a really good heat - I was doing eslider, cf spock 540, flakas, grubby, spock and stuff like that, while Arrianne pulled of a clew first puneta, spocks, grubby, flaka and stuff like that. We really did not know who won, and neither did the people on the beach, but we were both quite happy because we sailed good, and the spectators were happy with the show :) Arrianne won, with two judges putting their money on her, and one on me. It was soo close. Very nice! I am happy for her, but I reeeeally would have liked to take that one as well of course :) I hope I can do better tomorrow.

I am super happy that I could sail good today, and I am super happy for all the comments, emails, facebook things and so on - thanks a lot guys and girls, it means a lot to me! :)

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