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PWA Bonaire day 3

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Wed, June 15, 2011 01:13:47

:( I feel so bad today. I had to sail against Arrianne again in the single elimination, and I really have a hard time to set myself up to kick her ass. It is tough to sail against a good friend, and I really felt that today. I had an okay first heat, but it unfortunately got cancelled, because the other could not plane. I was on a 5.2, and Arrianne had bought a 5.4 from a friend of ours. In the second heat I sailed really shit, and I was just feeling so sad when I went off the water. I was shaking in the heat, I dont know why. I knew for sure I did not win, so I just went away and sailed alone for a long time. I was angry with myself, because I know I can sail much better than what I did today, and I just wanna do that. I am still super super happy from all the emails, support and comments on the beach, from you guys and from the speakers and so on, where I hear they like my style and technicality. I just wish the judges would too ;) Maybe I can do it better tomorrow. I hope so. I just wanna sail good for myself and show how I really sail at my best.

If I can get in the mood from yesterday it would be good. I hear from a lot, that I should have won that heat yesterday, but in the end it all comes down to the decision of the judges, and I will get in the spot I deserve.

I still did not get any photos on the pwa website, so I cannot spize up my blog. But there are eventsummaries up - they put the wrong moves in it though - I did the clew first spock that they wrote arrianne did (she says did not do any), and the funnell was a nice clew first puneta from Arrianne ;) And unfortunately they did not mention my eslider and flaka diablo.

Ahh, I will for sure try to put up a better blog the coming days, but today I really had a bad day of competition, and I thought I maybe should not write a blog when I was so sad - but then again, days like this is part of the game, aaaaaand I will get back with a smile and some good tricks hopefully :) Big congratulations to my friend Arrianne, I hope you keep sailing good, and that I soon will too! :-)

Thanks a lot for the cheering. It means so much to me, and I get so happy that you are all so supporting and want me to feel good. It helps! Especially days like this :) Thanks guys and girls!

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