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5th at the PWA Worldcup Bonaire 2011

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Sun, June 19, 2011 02:22:53

PWA Bonaire 2011 has come to an end. The last day we had really good wind – I was on a well (to overpowered) 4.8, and I think the conditions were pretty nice. The only thing that could have been a little bit better was that it was super shallow. So in my first heat, on my first trick I broke my board. I heard it straight away but I decided to finish the move and keep going. I passed the heat, and I just kept going as the heats were so super tight. I had to pass again Maxime and Mio to go fight for the 4 and 5th place. I sailed all right this morning, I felt a bit tired in the end of the heat with Mio because I was quite overpowered in that heat. But it was for my advantage because I could then do loops and have more power in my moves. I did a quite good clean loop and some sliding tricks. In the heat for the fourth place it was again super tight! I was again against Arrianne. I was tired, and nervous, and I did not sail well. But Arrianne did not have a good heat either, so it was suuuper close again. I won of one judge and Arrianne on two judges. At one of the judges she had about 1,25 points more, so yea.. super tight. Too bad I didn’t nail it, but I think we both did our best. I really have to work on this friendship-competing thing, but I just wanna focus on sailing at my best, which is hard enough in competition situations. In total I had an all right competition, I wanted a better result, but I had some super good heats sometimes, got to show some of my more technical tricks, sailed a lot of heats, and if I look back on this busy year, where I have moved, started University and a lot of big things has happened for me, I am happy I can now be pushing for the top in on the world tour. I know I can do better, and I will keep fighting for that. :) Thanks for all the support here on the blog, emails, facebook etc. It is so super nice, and it makes me really happy all the time when I see it. I am sorry for the fews that I disappointed – I hear from a few that I normal sail in another league, and I choose to take that as a compliment, as I know I sailed some pretty sick heats here sometimes :)

I’ve had a good time competing here in Bonaire. I really love sailing here. I’ve learned a lot from this contest I think, and I am looking forward to be on the water again though it has only been one day off.

We had such a cool closing ceremony, it was super nice to celebrate with everyone, and there was such a good atmosphere in Sorobon. Super nice!

NOW we are all on the way to Aruba! Actually we are stuck in the little pink airport of Bonaire… We have to wait here for 4 hours, as our Boardbags has to be transported in the plane before us. I just saw the big pile of equipment passing by the window here in the little pastechi-restaurent. 4 hours is long time in an airport that only has one restaurant and a souvenir shop, but it is quite cosy actually. We are all travelling together, all the competitors, and it seriously feels like a school trip. So cool :) I’m looking very much forward to go to Aruba. I think the spot is tricky, because it is off shore, and very gusty, but I always like to surf new places. I’ve been there once, for like 3 days. It is so much different than Bonaire, and it is like chocking to travel there from Bonaire. Suddenly there are big buildings, casinos, blinking lights, and thousands of people. But it is gonna be great I think. Tonight me, Laure and Arrianne is gonna stay together in a room I think… we just did not arrange anything yet, because the phones could not call Aruba, so we might end up on the beach but I hope we find somewhere to sleep. It is already evening atmosphere here. We’ve just nearly emptied the restaurant for food I think (yea, you know windsurfers eat quite a lot). The sun has gone down, Laure next to me is watching a movie, while Dieter is playing cards, then one is reading in a language that I do not understand, another one is watching pictures and I am tapping full power on my laptop. It’s been a while since we all had some time for ourselves I think, so maybe it is not a bad thing to be stuck here for a bit.

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