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Yeeeah!! 3rd at PWA Worldcup in Aruba!! :)

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Thu, June 23, 2011 16:06:34

Yess!!! I made it to the podium this time! Super happy about it ! :) I will write a good blog post soon ! :)

Ahh - about time to write a blog post from the latest world cup. I was super happy to do good in this event, sailing some good heats in the tricky waters and finish on the pwa podium for the first time in my life. I am super happy about that, and it is something I have been working on and wishing for. But I was not sure if I could make it already this year.

...what a birthday present :)

In Aruba we finished a double. I won from Arrianne already in the single, so I did not have to fight my way all the way up in the double anymore, really nice. In the double I met Mio, and advanced from her, then I had to meet Yoli. I'd wanted to meet her for long, and I was in to do my best. The conditions were tricky, super gusty and sometimes pretty light. I didn't get to do all my moves, but I landed quite some good moves. And I advanced!!! I was so happy! This meant I was now gonna meet Laure for the 3rd and 2nd place. I sailed a good heat again, and I at some points we were pretty close, but I saw Laure doing a switch kono while I was spinning an eslider, and Laure took the win and the second place. I was just super happy to finish on the podium, especially after a heavy start in Bonaire. It was nice to sail some good heat, and feel the improvement from the earlier heats.

At the closing ceremony I had my birthday. Really really cool. It really couldn't get much better. After having recieved the trophee suddenly Sarah and Arrianne came with a super lekker chocolate cake, and all the riders were gathered to sing a birthday song for me. Really sweet. And if I was not a bit red on my cheeks from the sun, I think I was now :o) I had a really good day there, with everyone being so nice. Thanks!

Afterwards I flew to Bonaire with all the gear, luggage and the price. I was so tired as I have rarely been. Two weeks of competing, followed up with closing ceremony and birthday really takes a lot of energy.

In Bonaire the wind has been blowing since we arrived! Actually I have been out on my new 4.2! It is crazy how quick it planes! Normally I thought I plane already really quick, but now I can be planing on my 4.2 while Arrianne is on the 5.1! Really crazy. So I have been on 4.2 TheFly every day here in Bonaire since I got back!

Tomorrow I head back home.. I am looking so much forward to that too. :) Can't wait to see you all, be riding my new sails and just be back home. :)

Thanks for all the support through the worldcup - both when it went good and bad. It means a lot to me! And thanks to

JP Australia, Roxy, Neilpryde, Sorobon Beach Resort, Reptile-masts, Chocofins and Skullcandy

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