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Windsurf in Denmark and off to Fuerte

SessionsPosted by Xenia Fri, July 15, 2011 22:02:30

:) It has been amazingly nice to be back in Denmark for a bit. I've been here about two weeks, and have had some good sessions on the water and have seen some friends and family - really nice. I've also got my new sails, and been able to test em. I like them a lot!!

Today, the day before I leave for Fuerte, I went back to my parents place, and went surfing with my small cousins, their parents and my own parents. Reeeally cozy. My small cousins just picked up windsurfing together with their parents, and it was nice to see them having fun out there and be able to give everyone some tips. The winds were quiert, and the beach were a typical east coast beach. Super cozy. I was mostly walking around in the water today, giving tips and instructing a bit. It is so fun to see how kids and grown ups learn so different.. I had just been explaining some movements for some of the grownups in a more technical-explaining-grown-up way, and went back to the kids who I had left a bit for themselves to play around (was checking on them of course ;) ) "is it going well?" "yea!!! We are playing!! It is fun!" Perfect. I think that is how kids (and everyone who let themselves) learn the best.... Just playing and having fun. They explained me the game, which was even better - one had to drag the other one to the deep and the other one had to see if he/she could sail away and into the shore.. Pretty much just to surf acutally... But they'd come up with the game themselves and where having a lot of fun. And they both managed to surf to the shore.

Happy salty surfers in the back of the car :)

Tomorrow I leave for Fuerteventura. I'm looking forward to it. A lot actually. It should be so extremely windy there, and I have my small sails ready... But I guess they can never be small enough for there :) I am curious how it is to sail there. I think they are really tough conditions, and everything regarding rankings can happen there. uhj, is gonna be good to get there! Now I better get started with the packing... Didn't touch anything yet, and I leave 6 in the morning... But as long as my surfgear is there :-)

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