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PWA Worldcup Fuerteventura 2011

CompetitionsPosted by Xenia Sun, July 31, 2011 12:55:24

It's about time to update from the last competition: PWA Worldcup in Fuerteventura. Currently I'm doing one-handed-blog-writing, which makes it a bit slow, and difficult, but I will come back to that later.

I went to Fuerte about 5 days prior to competition start. Arrianne picked me up in the airport, and straight hereafter we were on the water. Some flat, offshore spot a bit down of the usual centers in Fuerte. I was surprisingly on my 4.2 (surprisingly because Fuerte is normally associated with a tight 3.7 or a 3.3 for those that are lucky to have that). Arrianne borrowed a 4.7 and actually the wind was really light. We both had a good session though, and managed to pull off some tricks. It was fun to surf together again!

After those 5 days the parents of Arrianne arrived, so we both moved. I moved into the big hotel there, which is located right on the beach (Melia Gorriones). I must say, that I really really enjoyed that the usual sleeping spot on the sofa, in the board bag or a fold-out bed, was for once replaced with a nice hotelroom, a big bed, delicious food and walking distance to my gear. It just did not get any better. The first hours there I was really just enjoying and appreciating being there, and I just opened the door to the balcony, let in the fresh air and summer sounds while relaxing on my bed. Perfect warm up to the session that was to come a few hours later.

Finally the comp was to start. I sailed my worst heat ever there, and I knew when Arrianne said that she'd had an okay heat, that I was out. I was just angry with myself, that I sailed such a bad heat, - it is so frustrating, when you know, what you can really do. Luckily I got to show more in the double elimination...

"Day three: Lighter winds and super flat water saw the style master Tonky Frans and rising star Xenia Kessler storm through the double elimination."

I had a good comeback in the double elimination. I was super nervous, but so that I could handle it, and use it for something good. I had to meet Sveta first. She is new on tour, but I know she sails really well, so I knew I had to kick ass from the beginning. Luckily I managed, and passed onto the next round. I faught my way up to meet Arrianne again, who I also won from and I was now placed in 4th position. Really nice. I'd taken a big sail, because I'd rather be overpowered than underpowed, so my arms where super painfull already. I had one heat where I was on 4.9 and the other one was on 4.0, still planing. Those that I've been sailing with knows that I normally get going with a quite small sail, buuut I was just not up for any chances, as I knew this would be the chance, if I wanted to improve my result from my really bad day of sailing in the single. Luckily it worked, and by the end of the day I was in the semifinal against Yoli de Brendt who I'd beated in Aruba.


"The lighter winds and a flat sailing ground provided the perfect conditions for the women to unleash their most daring maneuvers. Mio Anayama (NeilPryde) launched into forward loops in both directions, and Xenia Kessler (JP / NeilPryde) spun around a set of super smooth spocks and a flaka to defeat their opponents Svetlana Martynova and Brit Danielle Lucas (Severne).

Kessler and Anayama moved on to face each other. Anayama fought hard landing her forward loops and a spock in the closing seconds; however she was unable to match the consistency of Kessler.

Arch rivals, Arrianne Aukes (RRD / Simmer / Dakine / AL360) and Kessler then took to the water for their seventh showdown this season. With five wins to one Aukes was confident as she entered the heat, pulling a super-fast spock on the way out, however it was Kessler’s day and she flew through her tricks without fault ensuring the judges awarded her the most points, knocking Aukes down into fifth place."

The day after, the battle against Yoli was about to go down. I felt ready for it, and I was really really hoping, that the wind would pick up, so we could continue. Luckily it did, and Yoli and me went on the water. I sailed pretty well again, and the result was really tight. At one judge it was one point, that made the difference, and that was inspite of, that I had missed one move on the outside. I was super happy about the heat. Yoli won the heat this time, but it felt great that it was so close, and that I could really push her. This meant I got in 4th position at the PWA Worldcup Fuerteventura 2011. Im really happy about this result! I think Fuerte is a tough place, and to be able to perform well here, means a lot to me.

Girls girls girls :) ! Aaand super skilled PWA photographer John Carter in the middle!

This position places me in an overall 4th position on the PWA World ranking, and I am really really happy about this too! :) I did not dare to expect anything like this because of the school and a generally busy year, but I was hoping, and knew I wanted to fight for it! :)

On the last day my body was super tired. I just felt the whole week of competing (both a bit of stress and the physical action).. Buuut... I still wanted to go on the water. I went with my big sail again, because I had become so familiar and happy with it. It was a bit too big though, and in the middle of a photoshoot I span with much more power than I expected in a trick, and crashed into some iron photographer tower in the water. My board was really broke, and I'd hurt my arm, which has hit an iron pillar across, really hard. I went off the water and to the Red Cross people on the beach... My arm was swallown, red, and had a blue stripe where the iron pillar had hit. I was super scared that my arm was broken. It was really painfull, but also the thought of not being able to be on the water - or do any other sports - for some weeks was really really scary I thought. Arrianne went with me to the hospital, really sweet, and Remko got us a car and some tshirt to slip over the wet surf clothes. And luckily it did not seem to be broken. I still could not really use it, and they said I had to re-check as soon as I got home, but man it was such a relief to hear this.

The board....

and the arm... well, normally it really isnt that thick!!

a little bit worried.. Me and Arrianne was left alone in the room on the hospital for half an hour before we could get an answer

But luckily the little bones were fine :) Guess I had a lot of milk in my life to make the bones strong :)))

I'm now at home since three days. My body is still recovering, and I've been on the sofa with fever since I got back. Really unusual for me, but I am happy it only happened when I came back to Denmark :) I look super much forward till I can get back on the water. The weather is nice here, and there are loads of spots here in DK I have been missing to windsurf. Soo... A few more days of sleeping and recovering and I hope to be back out there :)

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