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September Update

SessionsPosted by Xenia Sun, October 02, 2011 14:20:34

Let's start this blog off with a warm and sunny picture :)

It's been way too long since my last blog-post, and more times I have been writing a new post, but all the time I've been interupted by something else. It's been busy (but good :) ) days since I got home from Fuerteventura.

I've been around in the whole country teaching a lot! I teach both normal windsurfers, who wants to improve their skills, and instructors who wish to bring something new and inspiring to their windsurf students, and girls only clinics :) I've been visiting Kolding Windsurf Club, Aarhus Windsurf Club, Ishøj Windsurf Club, Nivå Windsurf Club, Sydhavns Windsurf Club, Helgoland Windsurfers, Furresøen windsurfing Club and latest Middelfart Windsurf Club where Skarbæk WindsurfKlub and Vejle Windsurf Club was represented as well. Super cool. It is super inspirering to see all the windsurfing clubs, and to meet all the enthusiastic people. I think, if all those clubs, all the ideas and all the energy was put toghether you would have the worlds best windsurfing club - I've really seen a lot of good projects out there. I've also been doing some television - TV2 (sport, see below) and DR1 (Aftenshowet - The Evening Show) together with my sister Julie - I will see if I can put up the link from the full television programme :) , and also in University TV is the main focus at the moment, so it is quite a packed program again. No surprises here :)

A few photos from some of the visits:

Also the Newspaper went by, and created an article, which can be read here :

Some have asked about my arm - thanks for caring :) It was already good again after like 1-2 weeks. I think thanks to the daily 2 litres of Milk I drank when I was younger! Hah :) (don't worry, I don't drink too much anymore... cut it down to 1 liter a daý now.)

WaterZ 2011 video: Cozy atmosphere!

In the middle of the month it was time for WaterZ - a huge watersports event in Denmark, which had its debut last year. The cool thing about this event, in my opinion, is that it is for all kinds of watersports, which means there will always be something going on for spectators and participants. Fx - there are free surf lessons, night wakeboard show with DJs, Movie premieres, Downwind race for windsurfers and kitesurfers, freestyle for kite and windsurfers, wakeboard competition, SUP races and Yoga and much more! There wasn't quite enough wind for the freestyle competition to take place, so instead we made a tow-in session. It was difficult, but fun to be a part of and try :) I would like to practise a bit more of that though, as it is much different than what I am used to. We had good fun though, and one who could really put up a show was showman Tonky from Bonaire. He showed reaally really awesome skills on the water, and it was great to have him there. Right after three full days of waters I jumped in the little Van, to continue the surf trip, because.......

September was also the month of the PWA Worldcup coming to Denmark! Unfortunately still only for the guys in waves. Too bad, as I know there would be a bounch of Danish girls entering the competition here. Hopefully the girls will be welcome soon :) I was there the whole week though, to be a volounteer worker there. Together with a crew of 4 other people I was handeling the press of the event, and also introducing the full new concept to the windsurfing world: Live Scoresheets. It was a very busy, some days from 7 till 23, but some really good daýs with some new experiences. I also had a morning of windsurf there - soo nice to be in the waves again. I had some good swims, :), but it was a lot of fun with some great company out there at Middels, Hanstholm.

It was a bit windy in Klitmøller these days..... And one of the days I actually didn't mind that I was busy on the beach and not on the water. :-) Photo by PWA!

The waves were also quite gnarly on this day! Photo: John Carter /PWA

After work I enjoyed hanging out with the rest of the Press Team at the Coldhawaii party. Here Kirstine.

And here the full press team smiling :) Photos by Markus Adrian

If you haven't seen it yet, you should check out the new JP Pictures and videos! A special JP-Girls video has been created together with a JP Girls site on facebook :) Check it out if you want!

Also check out all the other JP movies and pictures online on

Also Check out the newly updated NeilPryde site:

Next up is a beautiful forecast for the coming week, hopefully with some nice days on the water. :) Soon is also DM, which I am looking forward to :)

This is one happy week! :)

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