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Danish Womens Freestyle Champ 2011, 5th at the mens a-class and 2nd in Womens waves! :) October Update

SessionsPosted by Xenia Fri, November 11, 2011 21:54:09

There is quite a while between each updates at the moment, I know, but here it goes anyway :)

October... Well, that was when it still wasn't too cold here. Though I remember changing to wetsuit in the climate of Northern Denmark wasn't really a pleasure anymore - and that was even in the middle of October. But anyway, we (all the danish competitive windsurfers) did it quite a lot this October as we had epic conditions for this years Danish Championships! The Danish Championships were going on from the .... till .... october (4 days event). From the first day of four we had super good conditions, and we were able to complete the wave championships for the mens A, B and Junior class as well as the Womens! Siick! :)

I was on my new, and suuuuper nice JP Twinser Quad and the 4.2 Fly. Perfect setup for me this day. I had some good heats with some good waves - I had at least one in each heat that I was happy with, and then some frontloops and normal jumps. I would like to spend some more times in the waves, and a day like we had it here in Klitmøller only made me want it more. It was so much fun! :) I managed to beat some of the girls that I find very talented, which I was really happy with. I haven't got to sail a lot in the waves this year, but those times I had were really nice. After the comp I went out untill dark. It was really nice conditions, waves weren't too big, but good for practising both jumps and riding (I think like 2,5meters).

The following days we were doing my favourite thing: Freestyle! :) We were having the competition at Krik Vig - somewhere south of Klitmøller. I like the spot. I've been sailing there quite a lot when I've been in Klitmøller, as it work pretty much in any direction. I was sailing with the Mens A-class. It is a bounch of pretty tough guys so I was quite curious how far I would get. It was cold, but the wind was actually good, and I was on my brand-new 4.5. Fell in love with that sail immediately - for me it is the perfect size! I managed to pass first round, but then I was knocked out by then danish champ: Kenneth Danielsen. I ended up fifth in total, and was quite pleased with that result. There is a ssuper high level in the mens fleet, so to be able to mix with them is for me already pretty good :)

After the Danish championships I was back to the books and the local waters :) I had a few good sessions afterwards, but I have to admit that it has turned quite cold here. Im still hoping to get some more sessions before the snow kicks in, but the wind has been pretty dead the last weeks, and except of continually decreasing temperature there doesn't seem to be much change in the forecast. I cross my fingers though, aaand so far we still have 5 degress in the day so I am optimistic :)

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