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SessionsPosted by Xenia Tue, December 20, 2011 12:40:41

Denmark has gone cold! But together with the temperature drop the wind has picked up - at least a few days! We've had some good storms, and I have been out enjoying the conditions which Fyn has to offer! :) One day I was all the way down south on an island called Langeland. I was curious to go when I was picked up early in the morning by local Fyn windsurfer Nikolaj! A lot of the bridges in Denmark were already closed due to the storm, but luckily we managed to get to Langeland without any problems. A lot of surfers had found their way to this nice wave spot of Bagenkop. I think we were like 15 windsurfers - pretty well done for a cold december day I think. Everyone had picked out their smallest sails - the big guys with the 3.3-3.7. The wind was crazy! I was on my waveboard and a tight 3.6. Brr - I really got worked, but I had some super good waves as well!

The next storm arrived like 1-2 weeks after. I had decided to go freestyling this day - a pretty optimistic decision I think! My arms where sore after just a few runs, and when I crashed the wind carried my up from the water and swang me to the other side of the board - it wasn't easy to hold on! It was great to be out on the freestyle equipment again though! Even though the temperatures was a bit too low and the wind was making the experience even colder... A few shots from the day, thanks to Sofus for standing on the wind blown beach making video!:

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